Delhi Man Claims He Received Empty Phone Box, Gets Refund. Repeats It 166 Times

We’ve seen many instances where the phone was replaced with a soap bar.


Just when you think that this world won’t stoop to another level; they come up with a whole new level to stoop to. We have stopped being surprised by everything that has been happening recently. A 21-year-old hotel management graduate from Delhi allegedly got refunds for 225 mobile phones from an e-commerce website.

He was successful in fooling the company and he got the refund for 166 phones. He actually duped the company for Rs 52 lakhs and that wasn’t enough according to a report this also was done:

“Chopra procured 141 SIM cards and created more than 50 email IDs using those numbers. He created many accounts on the e-commerce app and began ordering mobile phones,”


Not only that, this guy also fooled the delivery guys:

“When the delivery boy would be unable to trace the address, he would call Chopra for directions. Chopra would then call him to a random place and receive the product by paying cash. This process would ensure his real identity was never known.”

The company sensed something was wrong when they noticed that all the purchases were made from one neighborhood. He also roped in a telecom store owner by getting him to provide the multiple SIM cards as proof. He even created multiple email-ids, bank accounts but it didn’t help.

 “He operated under the fake name of Shubham. It sounded similar to his original name, Shivam. He did not find it necessary to use a new name each time,”

To add to it, there were three delivery boys who recognized him.

Moral of the story is that being over smart is stupid.

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