The List Of Most Weed Consuming Cities Is Out And Indians Are High Up There

Weed is the absolute best.

We’ve been told. We’ve never tried it. We promise.

But despite its popularity and relatively low-risk levels compared to other drugs, weed remains quite illegal in India. In fact, weed is very much the “beef” of criminalised drugs. Because it’s very hard to make the authorities understand that there are already a bunch of people who use it and making it illegal will do pretty much nothing to make them stop.

Don’t believe us? You might believe this survey that has gone ahead to rank the cities across the world that are consuming the most weed. And guess who showed up in the top 10.



With weed costing approximately 678 rupees a gram, the Big Apple is the world’s foremost consumer of marijuana. With marijuana being legal but only for medical purposes, recreational marijuana is still a big taboo and provokes a retaliation from law enforcement.



Despite marijuana being completely illegal in the country, Pakistan and especially Karachi produce some very popular strains.

Weed costs about 340 rupees per gram in the city.



Urban Indian law enforcement is anti-marijuana at large. However, in rural areas, it is far more forgivable and is also a major part of a lot of the religious iconographies.

According to the survey, one gram costs about 280 rupees.



California legalized marijuana for the most part with possession of up to 1-ounce is not punishable by law.

Yet it ranks behind cities like Karachi and New York where access to weed is much more difficult. Weed here costs about 521 rupees per gram.



Weed is illegal in Egypt, despite Cairo being known for its many distributors. Costing about 1033 rupees per gram, Cairo is one of the costliest cities to smoke up in.



India’s foremost megacity, Mumbai has a long history with marijuana despite it being illegal. Costing about 392 rupees per gram, weed is easily available, especially in the city’s many slum areas.



At Rupees 588 per gram, weed in London is not cheap and definitely not legal. Yet, there are many accounts of medical professionals prescribing it under the radar.



Weed is partially legal in the state of Illinois and yet Chicago is one of the world’s largest markets for marijuana. A city famed for its architecture, Chicago weed smokers typically buy at rupees 731 a gram.



Unlike what many expect, weed is partially legal in Russia. Possession of up to 6 grams is an administrative infraction, not a criminal one. This limit was in fact 20 grams until 2006.

Weed costs about 756 rupees per gram in Moscow.



Canada has legalized weed but only for medical purposes, yet efforts to remove its status as a controlled substance are ongoing.

Weed in the city of Toronto costs about 500 rupees per gram.

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