Definitive Proof That ‘The Matrix’ Star Keanu Reeves Is More Than Just Passionate About Speed

You might remember him as Neo from The Matrix Trilogy, but Keanu Reeves is more than meets the eye. That phrase ‘Still waters run deep‘ – it fits him perfectly.


Keanu Reeves lately has been appropriated with memes for having a stoic demeanor. The meme ‘sad Keanu’ is just an extension of his fame. That is how fame works I suppose, at times it is totally unrelated to who you are in person.

Sad Keanu memes are getting out of hand.
Sad Keanu memes are getting out of hand.


The John Wick actor hasn’t just built his life around movies, unlike other A-listers. He is elusive and has a reputation of being down-to-earth. He has managed to separate his life from the glitz and the excesses of Hollywood. He still uses the subway like a regular person. He is passionate about more things than just his next film project.

Keanu Reeves and his sexy bikes


Keanu Reeves is big on bikes. He is passionate about those fast machines, so much so that he even started his own bike company – Arch Motorcycle. The bikes are made exclusively in California in collaboration with bike builder Gard Hollinger.

keanu reeves bikes


His company builds custom bikes for people who love machines so fast that you outrun your problems. You see, Keanu Reeves loves speed.

He was once quoted saying, “Riding your bike is one of the greatest things you can do to clear your head and just feel the speed and the motion.”

He has a very decent collection of motorcycles from choppers to cruisers to sports bikes. It was only time before he made it his business.


The first bike from his auto shop the KRGT-1 is a real beauty. With the 2,032-cc V-twin engine, it produces ~ 121 horsepower. Now that is pretty neat!

Here is him and Gard Hollinger talking about the first bike they ever produced under Arch Motorcycles.

As a Reeves fan, you see a different side of him when he talks about bikes. You see a glint in his eyes, he is more expressive and vocal than you see him in a promotional interview.

You put the meanest machine in front of the man and he transforms into a different person altogether.

As stated before, Reeves does love speed!

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