Dear Netizens, Help This Good Samaritan Reunite This Stolen Baby Back To Its Family

Recently a good samaritan did what most of us are too scared to do. Take a stand when an injustice takes place. Monica Nath, a person just as you and me, was traveling from Vashi to CST.

She noticed something shady happening and was sharp enough to approach and investigate. She met a woman who was holding on to a baby and it seemed the lady was trying to hide the kid. Monica found this suspicious and asked her whether it was a boy or a girl and its name as well, to rule out that the lady was not the mother.

The lady could not answer a single thing. When Monica told her she can leave only if she gives her the baby. The lady scared of repercussions gave Monica the baby and tried to leave.

This interaction pulled some crowd and the lady started crying, making it pretty evident that the kid was stolen. Monica with her clear mind took her to the police and then posted on facebook this post.

We hope the baby finds its way back to its parents.

At times like this, we can truly use the power of social network. Request everyone to take a minute to share Monica’s post with your online friends.

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