Deadpool 2 Leaked Teaser Promises That The Film Will Be Nastier, Wackier And Even More Ruthless

Makers of Deadpool, the 2016 anti-superhero hit starring Ryan Reynolds¬†are coming up with a sequel pretty soon! The makers treated the fans with a little teaser tagged along with the last Wolverine movie Logan which released this Friday starring Hugh Jackman. This teaser was leaked and the internet can’t keep calm!

The teaser sees Reynolds struggling into his uniform in a phone booth quite ungracefully and ended up showing off more than needed. A quite gratuitous look at what we think is Ryan’s naked butt with the Superman theme playing in the background. After a lot of struggle, he comes out in his skin-fitting red suit but the person he supposed to save is already dead.

This leaked clip is a reminder that Deadpool 2 is coming and also gives us a hint that it is going to be AWESOME! Towards the end, we see Deadpool enjoying some ice-cream on the dead man’s body (yup, the same guy he’s supposed to save).

We also caught the hint about Cable, a.k.a. Nathan Summers, an X-Men character was in the graffiti outside the booth it said ‘Nathan Summers Coming soon”.

Although, the official announcement of the release date and star cast is awaited. Till then, we’ll have our dose of Deadpool with this!

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