Deadpool 2’s Hindi Trailer Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch This Week

One of the biggest problems with watching Hollywood movies in a small town in the annoying Hindi dubbing. A lot of conversations are lost in translation as the writers are not given enough leeway to rewrite the dialogues.

Thankfully, Fox seems to have found a solution to the problem and the new Hindi version of Deadpool 2‘s trailer is proof of that.

“Iske pehle ki yeh mere saath daandiya khele, gaadi start kar dhokle.”

“Teri gehrai to dekhi thi par soch ka aaj pta chala”

“Hamari team ka naam hoga X-Force.”
“Yeh naam kuchh condom jaisa nahi hai?”


Here’s the trailer:

This is exactly how I reacted to this trailer:

We can’t wait for the release of Deadpool 2. Let us know how you feel about the Hindi trailer in the comments below.

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