9 Interesting Things You Can Learn From Your Date’s Social Media Accounts

At an age where half my friends are on Tinder and the other half are on Shaadi.com, it often makes me wonder where I fit in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, while social media might be the cause of a lot of our problems, dating is one area where it can help.

Your date’s social media accounts can tell you a lot more about the person you’re about to meet than a few pictures on a dating app can.
Here’s what you should be looking at:

1. What are they passionate about?

Seeing as social media is an important platform for self-expression, a person’s profile almost always gives you clues as to what they love – be it football, photography or Harry Potter. And what better way to break the ice on a first date than to talk about something someone likes?

2. What’s their sense of humour like?

The kind of posts (read memes) they tag people in or get tagged in can tell you loads about their sense of humour, or lack of it.

3. What’s their political leaning?

The presence (or absence) of posts will tell you if they’re interested in politics. The kind of posts they upload or engage with will tell you about their inclinations.

4. What kind of foodie are they?

Instagram will spill the beans on them if they’re big foodies. It’ll also give you an insight on the kind of foods that tickles their taste buds, so you know just where to make a reservation.

5. What kind of music do they listen to?

Save yourself some heartbreak and make sure you’re in sync with your potential partner by taking a look at the concerts they’ve been attending.

6. What kind of films do they love?

Are they into action films or are they Bollywood buffs? One look at their timeline will reveal all.

7. How do they spend their weekends?

Does your date prefer to spend their downtime camping in the great outdoors or socializing? Is it the way you like to spend your weekends too?

8. Are they a cat person or a dog person?

An important question for most pet lovers… and a deal breaker to some. Me personally, I prefer no furry friend.

9. How weird are they, really?

Everyone has some weird habit, be it sniffing bras or drinking too much cola. And that’s okay. But it’s always great to have a heads up if there’s photographic evidence of crazy somewhere. Or you know, find out you’re in the same voodoo cult or something.

Besides these little details, your potential date’s profiles could also tell you about how active they are on social media and how they’ve changed through the years. Both valuable things to know about, I think.

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