7 Of Hollywood’s Best Dark Comedies For Your Evil Soul To Indulge In

It’s fair to assume that out of all the genres of film, comedy is the quickest to age.

Humour has always been based on common understanding, which is why as society changes, it tends not to find the same things funny anymore. However, there are things a select bunch of us will always be tickled pink by – and that’s suffering.

And knowing this craving for the macabre, Hollywood has given us some truly awesome dark comedies to indulge in.

#1 Grosse Point Blank


What do most of us have in common with a professional hitman?

Existential crises that keep interfering with our job. Or at least, that’s what the plot of Grosse Point Blank would have you believe.

A hitman with a troubled conscience at a high school reunion is a lot to cram into a film, but this one does it brilliantly. With macabre humour, some romance and a protagonist whose life is many steps past complicated – George Armitage’s movie is a must watch.

#2 American Psycho


The quintessential introduction to “darker cinema” along with Fight Club, American Psycho is a fascinating look at superficiality both within and without Patrick Bateman – our protagonist.

The film revolves around the wall street hotshot slowly losing his grip over morality, and eventually reality, as he succumbs to his deepest desires that include killing, raping and superior business cards.

But the genius of both the film and the book isn’t so much the depraved psychopath who confesses to multiple murders, but just how little the people around him seem to care.

#3 Super


This one’s for all the people who get teary-eyed over Marvel’s successes and DC’s attempts at a superhero film.

In the same vein as Kick-Ass, Super looks at just how dangerous vigilantes can be when they’re just regular people without a strong moral compass.

Dealing with everything from consent to drug addiction to religious fanaticism – Super is a really tough watch and not necessarily a rewarding one. But we’d recommend it none the less.

#4 Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


The Cold War remains a favourite setting for heavy films about the complicated relationship between the US and USSR. But Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove was great at turning the subject matter into a hilarious critique of all the paranoia brewing between the two superpowers.

With Peter Sellers as the titular former Nazi, Dr Strangelove, there’re much to enjoy in the comedy whose inspiration, unfortunately, came from very real sources.

#5 In Bruges


Colin Farell plays hitman Ray who’s on hiatus in the city of Bruges after having accidentally murdered a child. Sounds grim, yes, but with potty-mouthed assassins, drug dealers and tourists at each other’s necks – the film keeps its humour strong throughout.

If garbage people doing garbage things in a beautiful city is your idea of a good time – go for it. Also, for Harry Potter fans – you get to see Hagrid and Grindelwald running around while Voldemort tries to shoot them.

#6 Heathers


Psychotic gun toting highschoolers are sort of everyday now – but back in 1989, a sweet young student falling for the local serial killer was quite edgy.

And even though our tolerance for gore and ironic violence has escalated significantly, Heathers remains a timeless classic.

Ripping apart the prank teenagers play in typical high school comedies, Heathers opted for a dark but fun story about a teenage queen bee who’s happy to literally shoot through the competition.

#7 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Robert Downey Junior, a lot of fast talking and a disgruntled Val Kilmer come together in a perfect send-up of traditional noir.

A murder mystery set in the heart of Hollywood along with some truly great laughs make this a great option for an afternoon viewing, hopefully away from the prying eyes of parents.

Unless they’re chill that way.

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