Dangal Is The First Indian Movie To Make Over $300 Million Worldwide!

As a child, I distinctly remember watching the Oscars and seeing Lagaan up there for the first time. Not the brightest child, I just assumed that the Oscars were totally inclusive of Hindi movies. So as a twenty-something, I am acutely interested in how Indian entertainment is perceived abroad. And not by NRIs, by people who would be actually unfamiliar with the context behind these films. Which is why Dangal being the 5th non-English movie to break into the 300 million club is pretty excited.


The list is a relatively short one considering even though non-English movies would do well domestically, internationally, they may not cast a wide net.

    1.  The Mermaid (China): $553 million
    2. The Intouchables (France): $427 million
    3. Monster Hunt (China): $386 million
    4. Your Name (Japan): $354 million
    5. Dangal (India) $301 million

The gross collections of these films have been detailed in a report by Forbes Magazine where they have admitted that the $179.8 million collection in China gave a huge boost to the movie internationally. To add to that, there is Aamir Khan’s star power that holds immense clout in China after 3 Idiots became a bit of a phenomenon there, especially through pirated viewings. (source)


Granted, the film did catch on with the public and had Disney backing it up. But there is no denying the central tenet of the film and it’s globally viable themes are what has kept it going. So excuse us while we go watch it one more time.

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