Curves Or No Curves, These 5 Women With Different Body Types Pull Off A Sari In Equally Stunning Ways

Remember that time when Shobhaa De opened her outspoken mouth about Kate Middleton not draping a saree on her visit to India. The problem wasn’t with her exercising her right to expression, but what she wrote came from a deep-rooted mentality of connecting the Indian outfit of a Sari with curves.

Kate has skipped wearing a saree. Her waist is perfect for crinoline ball gowns from “Gone with the Wind”. But a saree needs curves. A saree demands a derriere. Kate has none. – Shobhaa De

In that careless statement written in her piece with NDTV, Shobhaa De had actually taken off the veil of the body shaming that doesn’t leave the pallu of women even in the most Indian outfit ever.

Till date, Sari, one of the sexiest outfit known to the fashion industry, is considered highly traditional,  fit for pujas or weddings or even farewells, meant for the middle-aged women and definitely not a petite woman’s cup of tea.

However, the six yards have much more to them than being a wardrobe staple for the average woman in her thirties. If draped with style and elegance, Sari would, in fact, be the only outfit that can turn from an ethnic piece of beauty to a sensuous outfit, the only outfit that would do wonders no matter what your age or the occasion, and perhaps that one Indian couture that drapes you no matter the curves or not. Don’t agree? These 5 women with different body types were asked to rock a Sari in a way that appealed to them the most and they have quite a point to make.

Going The Formal Way

Wear a Sari to the office and get ready for questions like “What’s so special” or “How can you manage in that?”. It is somewhere an embedded rule that Sari would always be a tiring task to pull off and definitely doesn’t belong to a  young girl’s office wardrobe.


“I think women today believe that it makes them look older and more staid. Even though there are many designers, shops, online portals and even weavers that are doing a fantastic job of curating and producing young and vibrant designs, it seems to be a garment they would rather buy for their mothers than wear it themselves.”- Nivedita Ravishankar, 30, Advertising Executive

A Model’s Apprentice

Sari has often been considered off limits when your height and weight don’t fall into the unspoken parameters of the traditional outfit. But befriend the six yards and there’s no outfit more cooperative than a well draped Sari.


“Being six feet plus, carrying a sari has never been a problem for me. So the first time I wore a sari was for my class 10th farewell, one of mom’s (obviously). It was a beautiful black sari, very light and took forever to drape but I absolutely loved it! Even performed to a dance number with a couple of my classmates on stage .#ownedit “—Reha Sukheja, 25, Model

The New ‘Global Desi’

Curves or no curves, the world is always going to have a problem with that. But a Sari definitely won’t.


“Being extremely skinny and flat-chested, a sari is my go-to outfit when I want to look fuller. When I drape on a sari, I immediately feel regal and graceful – as opposed to my general state of being that oscillates between hobo and Neanderthal. I have worn saris to clubs and bars too. I am extremely comfortable in them. I totally believe that we haven’t truly explored the styling possibilities of a sari. I have a black silk sari that I pair with gold door knockers and black nail polish. Did someone say Goth-Desi?” –Sofia Ashraf, 29, Producer at Blush Channel, Culture Machine

The Geek Drape

A dream come true for the modern woman, drape around your geekiness along and there is no way a Sari won’t speak your language!


“I think it’s all about how you style it, there are so many possibilities vis-à-vis the drapes. The best part is, you can accentuate any part of your body with the way you drape the pallu. No matter what shape or size you are, a sari needs no customisation, just drape it well and you can rock in one from day to night!”- Mona Joshi, 26, Celebrity Manager

Bold And Beautiful

For those who have always tagged Sari with a ‘cumbersome’ outfit, it’s all a drape game and once you get it right, nothing can stop you!


“Our lives are hectic now and commute is a big part of it. Also, I feel we don’t see sari as power dressing while it can totally be. Wish people would see it like that. Once a sari has been draped securely, I can pretty much do anything in it. I can run, dance and conquer the world. I have been told I carry it with ease.” – Charu Gaur, 34, Founder, Runway Square

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