7 Famous Horror Films Which Were Cursed With Death And Destruction

With the annual budget just in and Aadhar information being leaked left, right and centre, there is absolutely no shortage of truly terrifying things in India at the moment.

But let’s veer away from the unintentionally scary to people who have made it their life’s mission to scare us – by crafting creative and engaging films that make an excellent case for adult diapers.

Some horror flicks are great, some not so much, but there are a rare few who were as terrifying behind the scenes as they were in cinemas.

From injuries and death to downright weirdness, fact is stranger than fiction when it comes to these 10 cursed films.

#1 Poltergeist


The movies were a huge franchise helmed by Steven Spielberg himself. But the aftermath of their release was a tragedy involving multiple members of the cast and crew who all succumbed to their fate.

First off, one of the actresses, Dominique Dunne, was murdered by her then boyfriend. Two cast members followed soon after, dying due to medical complications.

Finally, lead actress Heather O’Rourke died due to cardiac arrest after being misdiagnosed by her doctors.

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#2 The Omen


One of the world’s most iconic horror films, the Omen has a slew of incidents surrounding it that will really make you wonder if the antichrist was involved.

3 crew members’ planes were struck by lightning.

The film’s screenwriter, producer and actor Gregory Peck all reported surviving freak lightning storms when they were filming.

One of the special effects consultant’s assistants died in a car accident.

A tiger handler employed by the film died.

One of the planes that was supposed to be used for the film was handed over for commercial use after being replaced in the film. The plane crashed, tragically ending the lives of all the people on board.

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#3 The Exorcist


Often touted as the scariest film of all time, the Exorcist was surrounded by a dense fog of mystery throughout its production. Both because it was the adaptation of a high profile novel as well as the sensitivity of its subject matter.

It began when a Church across the road from the theatre in which the film released was struck by lightning reportedly causing the crucifix to fall down.

Jack MacGowran who played a director in the film died soon after.

But most strangely, the home in the film which was part of a studio set burned down in a fire, but accounts suggested that the room used to film the exorcism scenes wasn’t damaged at all.

Fact Source 1, 2

#4 Psycho


Alfred Hitchcock’s best-known, if not best film, Psycho, was controversial right from its conception. From casting a boy-next-door actor like Anthony Perkins in the role of a serial killer to Hitchcock’s entire career riding on the film’s success, Psycho was produced under immense pressure.

But despite the film’s lasting impact, a tragedy marred its legacy forever.

Myra Jones, an uncredited lighting stand-in for the lead actress Janet Leigh was brutally murdered by a handyman named Kenneth Dean Hunt who was allegedly an obsessive fan of all things Hitchcock.

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#5 The Conjuring


One of the best received modern horror flicks, The Conjuring was released at a time when online news portals are being tasked to rev up audiences for upcoming releases. So it’s a little difficult to figure how much is true and how much is just a part of the film’s promotional press.

But actress Vera Farmiga constantly found claw-like marks on her laptop when trying to read the script on set. And even though she initially thought it was a prank, nobody ever admitted to doing it.

Director James Wan’s dog was constantly barking at some assumed presence on set.

And finally, when the woman whose home’s haunting was the basis of the film visited the filming location, she insisted she felt the presence of a witch named Bathsheba all around them.

Fact Source 1, 2

#6 Rosemary’s Baby


This one is too creepy for words.

The movie’s composer died because a clot developed in his brain.

The film’s producer had to be taken in for emergency surgery because of sudden kidney failure.

Most tragically though, director Roman Polanski’s wife and unborn child were murdered by the Manson family in one of America’s most infamous murder cases.

Fact Source

#7 The Exorcism of Emily Rose


The film was based on one of the world’s best-known cases of exorcism, the possession of Anneliese Mitchell. Despite the real-life incident being heavily debated, the film took a supernatural approach, claiming that the possession was indeed real.

The film’s star, Jennifer Carpenter was plagued by the feeling that an entity was following her around. She even revealed in an interview that her radio would come on at 3 am in the morning and play the song “Alive” by Pearl Jam.

“When we were shooting, my stereo kept turning itself on in the middle of the night, … It freaked me out because it started playing Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ — just the ‘I’m still alive’ part. It stayed with me for a while.”

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