The Crowd At The Aus-Eng ODI Were Treated To A Running Naked Man Mid-Match

Cricket pitches are meant only for one thing, playing a good game. However, one dude had a different kind of game in mind.

In the 17th over, amidst the Australia – England ODI match something absurd happened. A naked man – a streaker – came running onto the ground interrupting the ongoing match.

The cricketers were obviously baffled but the crowd was oddly welcoming of him.

When the security guards realized what was happening they went on a wild goose chase with the prankster.  Eventually, he was tackled to the ground and taken off the field.

He left with a resounding cheer from the audience, but his pride, not so much.

But this man is not going unscathed, the Cricketing Association took this seriously and has banned him from all its games for the next three years. The naked man will also be paying a hefty fine of AUS $12000 for his ballsy prank.

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