5 People Who Got Famous On The Internet Because We Have Way Too Much Time

The Internet is a home for each and everyone. Just one click and we end up spending hours and hours on one app. At times, we end up finding some treasure like AIB but every now and then we end up finding those that make our hearts cringe.

1. Dhinchak Pooja


This list is incomplete without her. She climbed on the ladder with her cringe pop song and became an internet sensation. Why? Because she showed talent (or the lack of it). Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj has garnered almost 25 million views, with the number only rising further.

2. Om Prakash Mehra


From taking to the streets to “celebrate” his song to sending death threats to a journalist, YouTuber Omprakash Mishra’s Aunty ki Ghanti song has been called as “entertaining” and “catchy”. The lyrics go something like this, “Bol na aunty aau kya, Sot mai lagau kya, Bol na auntie aau kya, Ghanti mai Bajau kya”

3. Bhim Niroula


We are completely fine without hearing about the days on which he loves the girl. His fame though rose slowly, he is as widely known as Taher Shah.  He’s a common man, wearing what can only qualify as week-day office wear, in a video that has now over two million views on YouTube. He has been invited to London for concerts and yes, it was a successful one. Have we really dropped our entertainment standards this low?

4. Deepak Kalal


Kalal seems to have a unique style, often speaking with a nasal feminine voice, occasionally his head wrapped in a towel. His viewership even got him a call from the makers of Bigg Boss who wanted him to audition but he claims to have turned down the offer.

5. KRK

KRK is best known for his questionable Twitter behaviour. Actor, director and self-proclaimed movie critic, the man has made a reputation for himself, for better or for worse. At one point in time, he even threatened Twitter to restore his suspended account and most of them, in fact, encouraged him to do so. That’s the dislike people have for him and yet he has more than 6 million followers.

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