These Extraterrestrial Sounds Recorded By NASA Are The Creepiest Thing On The Internet

Because it’s a vacuum, Space is really quiet. Deathly quiet. It typically doesn’t carry sound waves like the air does here on Earth, and even the few sounds emitted aren’t really audible.

But we’re humans. We’re curious. We want to know EVERYTHING.

So over the years, with the help of our superior intellect and skill with technology, we’ve created numerous fancy gizmos to scour the cosmos and be our eyes and ears. Using a handy hack called Data Sonification, the radio waves, plasma waves, and magnetic fields captured by these devices are converted into sound waves which, by the way, sound creepy AF.

And while these sounds are actually used in the study of space by NASA scientists, they were nice enough to put together a playlist for us to enjoy them too.

Here are some of the spookiest.

1. “Beware of Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede”

What it is:  Weird radio emissions from Jupiter’s largest moon.

What it sounds like: A plane headed for a crash landing.

2. “Plasmaspheric Hiss” by NASA’s Polar satellite

What it is: The hiss of plasma orbiting our planet.

What it sounds like: Someone taking measured breaths through an oxygen mask.

3. “Cassini: Saturn radio emissions #1”

What it is: The radio waves being emitted by the giant planet.

What it sounds like: A violent wind storm.

4. “Stardust: Passing comet Tempel 1”

What it is: The sound caused by the Stardust spacecraft passing through the dust of comet Tempel 1.

What it sounds like: A creature scuttling across the floor.

5. “Kepler: Star KIC12268220C light curve waves to sound”

What it is: Data on the lone star system KIC12268220C recorded by the Kepler space telescope.

What it sounds like: A heartbeat set against the backdrop of an ambulance siren wailing.

6. “Juno: Crossing Jupiter’s bow shock”

What it is:  The signal created when the planet’s magnetic field pushes back against the wind of incoming particles from the sun.

What it sounds like: Being miles under the sea accompanied by the audio effects of shooter games.

Bitchin’, right?

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