7 Times People Made Their Cheating Partners Pay In The Most Creative Ways

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being cheated on, you know what a horrible, painful, humiliating experience it is.
After the initial shock and resentment, however, there’s a point where all you feel is intense anger. Anger enough to make you want to do crazy things, just to set the score right.

Here’s a list of people who channelled this anger creatively into payback that’s way better than the plot of Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.

1. When one angry girl found out her boyfriend had been sexting a girl, she swapped the side chick’s number on his phone with his Manager’s. SAVAGE!

2. Her boyfriend cheated on her and thought she didn’t know. So she convinced him to get matching tattoos. He went first and she went home.

3. A lady in Williamsburg was out working hard while her boyfriend entertained a healthy share of women in the apartment. When she found out, she plastered the whole town with posters featuring his face and details of his affairs. Here’s an excerpt:

“While she was at work, I was bringing women to HER apartment. Yes, that would be the one only she paid the bills for. I had mad passionate nasty sex with them ALL OVER the apartment. Oh, and I did all of that without a condom. NASTY right? Well needless to say when she found out, I was put out. So now I am a non-skilled bum with no home.”

4. 26-year-old “Taylor” decided to sell her ex’s belongings on eBay after she caught him cheating. And because he wasn’t a fan of her dressing sexy, Taylor self-modelled his belongings half naked.

5. Linda of Warwickshire outed her cheating partner with this lovely poster for all to see.

6. This girl decided to get back at her ex by hitting him right where it hurts!

7. This priceless treasure hunt!

Makes you glad about being single, right?

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