Remember Donald Trump’s Covfefe? It’s Now Being Discussed In Indian Colleges

Yeh ‘covfefe’ ‘covfefe’ kya hai? Yeh ‘covfefe’ ‘covfefe’.


A gibberish word that’s all covfefe was. But no, the media and humans tried and tried to figure the meaning out. The only man who knows the meaning is probably Donald Trump. But this takes our obsession with the word way too far.

It appeared in a question paper. And not any question paper, second-year students of the Master of Statistics program at ISI Kolkata and we don’t really know how to react. The question was:

 “Mr. Trump decides to post a random message on Facebook and he starts typing a random sequence of letters {Uk}k≥1  such that they are chosen independently and uniformly from the 26 possible english alphabets. Find out the expected time of the first appearance of the word COVFEFE.”

Wow. That’s such a crucial probability question, isn’t it?

This is how the folks on Twitter reacted

#1 True!!

#2 Solution kya hai?

#3 He does have a point.

#4 This is a matter of concern

#5 At least he is honest!

#6 Why?

#7 Smart boy.

We used to shit bricks when someone used to ask us a question that was out of syllabus. We have no idea how these peeps solved the paper.

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