Let’s Have A Look At The Biggest Controversies That Shocked India

There was a lot that happened through out the last few years.


Controversies surrounding politics, Bollywood, and cricket have always caught all the limelight. Indians always invite controversies and they are never near the imagination of the Indian audience.

We revisit the controversies that shook the nation.

#1 When a couple of students were arrested in the name of nationality


A JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was slapped with sedition charges when he took part in a controversial event. Kumar was arrested for allegedly making ‘anti-national’ slogans. The students and journalists were heckled by lawyers and JNU was branded ‘anti-national’. This incident led to a lot of debate on nationalism.

#2 When the internet threatened the user


Facebook was coming up with something known as Free Basics. Facebook would have a monopoly on the Indian Internet and the decision maker on what the internet users would use. This stirred up a huge debate and it led to many petitions being signed.

#3 When Shah Rukh Khan was banned from Wankhede


Shah Rukh had allegedly manhandled and abused the security guard during an IPL match in 2012. He was banned from entering the stadium for 5 years. However, the ban was lifted in 2015.

#4 When Maggi was banned


It was this controversy that disheartened us all. Maggi was banned in 2015 owing to degrade in quality. It was said that the snack had lead in it and was questioned on its quality. The ban was lifted after passing the food quality tests.

#5 When IPL Franchises CSK and RR were suspended


Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended. It is said that the owners were found guilty for betting. The two teams were suspended from the IPL.CSK returns in the 2018 edition of IPL.

#6 When two women broke a 400-year-old  tradition


Two women broke the 400-year-old tradition by entering a temple in Pune. Women weren’t allowed to enter the Shani Shingapur temple’s Sanctorum. In 2016, after the incident the Bombay High court allowed women to enter the temple.

#7 Panama Papers and the Bachchans


Big B found himself in a controversy and more than 11 million documents were leaked. Aishwarya Rai’s name also came up in the secret law files and it indicated tax evasion.

#8 The National Herald case


A scam which involved Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. They had allegedly granted 90.25 crores interest-free loan. The complaint led to both of them appearing in court.

#9 When Salman Khan compared himself to a rape victim


In 2016, during Sultan’s promotion, Salman Khan made a rape comment in response to a question related to the hectic schedule for the movie. The comment wasn’t taken lightly by his peers or the country.

#10 When the Parliament passed a not so convincing child labour bill


In 2016, the Parliament approved a child labour bill stating that the children will be allowed to work for family businesses. As reported in Reuters, children 15 to 18 will be permitted to work, except in mines and industries where they would be exposed to inflammable substances and hazardous processes.

Which ones do you still remember?

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