8 Compliments The Men In Your Life Would Most Definitely Love To Hear From You!

It’s no secret.  A little open affection goes a long way in ensuring both partners feel cherished, desired and respected in a relationship.
But a lot of men are unfortunately often denied their fair share of compliments simply because we women don’t know what to say and how to say it.

We can’t just get away with saying, “I love your shoes!”, can we?

Nope! Here’s how you do it.

#1. You make me feel _______. I love it.

Everyone likes knowing that their actions have had an effect on people. So don’t hesitate to tell him when he makes you feel sexy or safe or happy.


#2. Thank you for all you are/do.

Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? Take time to tell him you’re thankful for everything he adds to your life. The little things…and the big.


#3. I support your dreams.

Compliments that show that you have faith in his abilities will keep him motivated. It’s nice to know there’s someone by your side on your journey to the top, right?


#4. I’m proud of you!

It doesn’t hurt to remind someone how that they’re doing great. We recommend a word of encouragement and acknowledgement every now and then, as required.

proud (1)

#5. I trust you.

It’s important to remind someone that you choose to be with them everyday because of who they are.


#6. You look great.

You know how women love it when you notice they’ve slimmed down? Men love compliments that make them feel good about their bodies too!


#7. I want you.

You shouldn’t hesitate to pay him compliments that make him feel desirable and sexy. Open, honest communication in the bedroom is essential for physical intimacy.


#8. You’re amazing at what you do!

Compliments that show that you respect him will boost his confidence. Everyone needs a cheerleader sometime, right?


So don’t forget, Ladies.
As much as we love hearing nice things about ourselves, we’re equally obligated to give some of that love back!

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