8 Completely Pointless Things We’re Sure You Can’t Do With Your Body

Are you bored? Great.

Do we have the challenge for you. Because there’s fascinatingly stupid things we’re sure you won’t be able to do, but we want to see you try anyway.

Also, if you can. Congratulations! You now have a skill that will earn you precisely zero rupees.

#1 Licking Your Elbow


It actually has less to do with your tongue and more to do with your stupid, inflexible shoulders. Your joints just aren’t designed to lift your elbow to your mouth.

But people who are flexible enough or have long enough tongues can do it pretty easily.

Apparently, at one point, the Guinness book of world records used to get constant calls from people who could actually do it.

#2 Tickling Yourself


Tickling makes you laugh because it’s unpredictable. But not when you’re trying to do it yourself. Your cerebellum is particularly good at mapping your own sensations which means you can’t really surprise yourself.

So it doesn’t work.

#3 Touching Your Nose With Your Tongue


Clearly, your tongue is not made to do this. It was made to taste delicious foods from your local chaat guy. Or less delicious foods you attempted to make when drunk.

People with longer tongues can do it pretty easily though. So if you’re not one of them, you, unfortunately, don’t have this life-altering skill.

#4 Sneezing Without Shutting Your Eyes


Your nose and eyes are linked by cranial nerves. So when your nose is irritated enough to sneeze, it sends a message over to your eyelids via the brain forcing them to shut.

However, the myth that your eyes could pop out if you sneeze with them open was so popular, that the television show Mythbusters actually had to go out of their way to prove it wrong.

#5 Moving Your Ring Finger When The Middle One Is Stuck


Dear God, this one is frustrating.

If you place your hand in the position seen in the above picture, it’s pretty impossible to move your ring finger. But your index, thumb and pinky move around perfectly fine.

In nature’s most ironic “fuck you” move, the two fingers share a tendon, meaning if one is locked down, so is the other. On the contrary, the rest of your fingers all have their own tendons, so they’re perfectly capable of moving independently.

#6 Breathing While Swallowing


Why would you want to do this? Well, why not really.

Thing is when you try to swallow, your voice box moves up, closing off your windpipe so you don’t mess up and dunk food into your lungs. But we do end up messing up this careful system by swallowing too fast but thankfully we can just cough it out.

#7 Putting Your Fist In Your …


So. If you’re in the mood to look like an idiot, but happen t0 find you can’t then your genetics are fighting you and you’re probably going to lose.

There are people capable of doing this, but mostly because of large mouths or tiny fists.

#8 Gleeking


 This just might be the most unnecessary out of the lot.

Spitting regularly isn’t good enough for these people, noooo. they want to prove they’re better than us so they try gleeking. Which literally means saliva streaming out from under your tongue.

Like a tiny, yet very gross, jet-stream.

You can do it with practice by pressing the bottom of the tongue against the bottom of your mouth, but since its pretty uncontrollable, be prepared to lose a lot of friends while doing it.

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