A London Based Company Wants To Pay Someone 23 Lakh Rupees Salary To Masturbate!

Yes, you read that right. A company is looking to hire someone to masturbate. And they are willing to pay them 28000 Pounds per annum, for that. In Indian currency, it roughly equates to 23 Lakh Rs. Whoa!



We have heard of weird jobs that people do, to make their ends meet, but this could actually be someone’s bread and butter. I mean, who could’ve thought that there will be a demand for this particular… umm.. skill.

A London based sex store, LoveWoo, is on the lookout for someone to review sex toys professionally. The full time position will come with a respectable £28,000 yearly salary, private healthcare, holiday time and a discount on a gym membership. The job will entail being in charge of the sex toys, games and lingerie.



A spokesperson from the company told the BBC-

“Sex toys range from simple to risqué, and as a responsible provider of a huge catalogue of sex toys, [we] feel it necessary to both have and share a good understanding of all products, and be able to inform the public about all perks and pitfalls. Giving sound information and advice is truly important to us, and we want to be a platform that gives factual, honest and clear advice.”



Recently, studies proved that masturbation at workplaces can actually increase the focus of employees. Masturbation helps in reducing stress and kill boredom, hence, it is advisable to let employees masturbate. An increasing number of men and women have started masturbating at workplaces, according to a survey in Time Out Magazine, New York.

So, will you be up for this job?

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