10 Common Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Having The Best Sex Of Your Life!

Sex can be pretty intimidating at the start, so it’s only natural that the nervousness makes people goof up, sometimes even unknowingly. These common mistakes are nothing to be embarrassed about, of course, but definitely something you should be aware of since they get in the way of a good time.

Make a mental note to avoid these and I promise you, it’ll take sex from satisfactory to great.

1. Not Making The First Move

When you find yourself in a situation that’s just right, let your desire be known. Don’t wait forever for your partner to do something or you might lose the moment.

2. Rushing Things And Skipping The Seduction

Seduction is important. Foreplay is important. Who doesn’t want to feel wanted? It’s an instant turn on. Let your partner know how desirable they are in all the ways you can, and do it right.

3. Saying Nothing At All

Ronan Keating wasn’t referring to the bedroom when he sang, “You say it best when you say nothing at all.”
When the only noise you hear is the squeak of the bed during sex, it’s awkward! Verbalize your pleasure. You can’t get to heaven without a roadmap, you know. Speak up, using the right words. And when words fail, sighs and moans will do, which brings me to the next point.

4. Faking Enthusiasm

Be honest when you express your wants, your pleasure and most importantly, your orgasms. When you dirty talk, don’t spout some lines you remember from a blurry tape you saw at sixteen.
It’s an instant turn off.

5. Not Participating Actively

Sex is like a team sport, so both people should be willing to participate. There’s no fun in doing all the work while the other person lies there like a dead fish.

6. Being Self-Conscious

I get it. It’s hard to just strip down and be okay with the way your body is, especially the first few times. But if your partner wants to do be with you, skin to skin, let them. It’s because they find you attractive that they’re with you.

7. Not Making Eye Contact

Sex is, at the end of the day (See what I did there?) an act and expression of intimacy, so maintaining eye contact is not only sexy as hell, it’s also everything.

8. Not Using Lube

A lot of people have hang-ups when it comes to using sex enhancing products because it makes them feel not good enough. But that shouldn’t be the case. Lube makes things slippery and sensitive and comfortable down there. How’s that a bad thing?

9. Forgetting To Laugh

There’s going to be queefs and failed adventures and condoms blown up like balloons. Sex is about having a good time and giving each other the chance to be beautifully human. Promise me you’ll laugh.

10. Skipping Cuddles

Sex can be incredibly tiring out, it’s true. It can also make you feel like you really need to pee. But pulling apart seconds after you climax and going about your business is just plain rude. So is rolling over and falling asleep. Your partner is not a treadmill. Post-coital cuddles are important.

Ciao, adios, I’m done! 🙂

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