Comedienne Mallika Dua Had A Horrible Experience With Uber’s Service And She Isn’t In A Forgiving Mood

Mallika Dua the comedienne extraordinaire loves to make people laugh. Rarely do we see her losing the plot on an issue. But she did. And it happened to be with Uber.

Uber although is an efficient service, they have had their batch of controversies. Seems like they have another one up their sleeves. Mallika Dua was traveling in Uber when she had an altercation with the Uber driver assigned for her ride. The reason? A/C temperature in the vehicle!

Mallika Dua was pretty miffed by the experience and took to Facebook to talk about it. Here is the story on her words.

Her post reached her fans and they seem to relate to her. It surely did reach the Uber customer service and they took action against the errant Uber driver.

However, Mallika Dua was unhappy with the lack of support from the customer service. If you use Uber you already know that they do not have any local customer service contact. Her rant does bring out an important issue at hand.

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