If You Think Your House Is Small, You’ll Be Shocked To See The Coffin Cubicles Of Hong Kong

Of all the things adults love complaining about, housing, rent and living space are very high on the list. But these aptly named Coffin Cubicles are truly terrifying to behold. (h/t)

Coffin Cubicles

That picture depicts the problematic reality of people’s living situations in Hong Kong, a city whose population coupled with high rent for living quarters is making it increasingly difficult for people to find housing. which has given rise the these “Coffin Cubicles” and from what we see in the pictures, they’re exactly that.

These 15 square foot homes are all illegally subdivided and feature little more than a small space to lie down in, typically next to an area accommodating kitchen and toilet together.

Coffin CubiclesSource

The photographer who has documented these homes, Benny Lam has been documenting them for 4 years and has visited about 10o homes. And his accounts of these homes are heartbreaking.

“That day, I came home and cried…“I felt so bad, living like that should never be normal. I had become numb.”

Like many other large cities, Mumbai and Dubai for example, the city boasts luxury while millions are left without humane conditions ot make a living in. These coffins cost about 2000 HK Dollars (16,426 Rupees) to rent each month.

Coffin cubicles

These are homes that are too small to even stand up in. And while some are beds surrounded by walls fashioned out of wire mesh, some are genuinely just bunk beds surrounded by wooden planks.These residents, in conversations with Lam, have all expressed their immense sorrow at being in such a situation. One resident for example extensively reads to mentally escape, another has almost completely lost his appetite.

Coffin Cubicles

Even though there are bodies who aim to stop such living conditions, there are few solutions in an area so overly populated.

Coffin Cubicles

So perhaps we can all think twice before complaining about our situations. After all, these are far from the worst conditions human beings have been forced to live in across the world.

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