This Instagram Cockroach Has A Life More Artistic Than Any Of Us Can Even Dream Of

Cockroaches are pests. Stubborn pests. One gets into your house and brings in more troops to start an infestation. They invade your personal space, make it dirty. Normally, people would rather get rid off it.

But this one person thinks Cockroaches are cute creatures and has created an imaginary life that any cockroach (human) would die for.

#1. Someone is channeling their inner roach.

#2. Happy Kwanzaa!

#3. I can’t even.

#4. CCD is that you?

#5. A selfie with sunset.

#6. The Snowman looks petrified, to be honest.

#7. If Titanic was made with cockroaches instead of humans, Jack would still be alive!

#8. Practicing that perfect jump.

#9. Someone knows how to strum some tunes!

#10. This pest is making a snow angel and here I sit writing all about it. Talk about unfair.

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