You’ll Be Surprised To See How Dramatically These 10 Cities Have Changed Over The Years!

Change is a vital part of evolution and survival, and nowhere is this more visible than in the big cities. Be it political, economic, or simply natural causes, the world’s metropolises have dramatically transformed over the decades and continue to do so.

Here are 10 cities that have become almost unrecognizable in the time between “then” and “now.” It’s simply hard to imagine some of them as anything but the familiar skylines we know today!

1. Fortaleza

One of Brazil’s biggest cities, Fortaleza is a tourist magnet. It’s famous for its beaches, red cliffs, dunes, lagoons and vibrant party atmosphere.


2. Nairobi

Known as the safari capital of Africa, this energetic, modern city serves as an introduction to both wildlife and nightlife for visitors.


3. Singapore

A melting pot of cultures, Singapore has a little bit of everything. Futuristic architecture, bustling village markets, smoky Chinese temples, cheap street food and even Michelin-starred fine dining, you’ll find it all here, coexisting side by side.

singapore old

4. Beijing

With state-of-the-art museums, galleries, and music venues, Běijīng boasts of some of the most innovative architectural masterpieces on the planet. At the same time, it is also home to the magnificent Forbidden City, a royal palace like no other.


5. Melbourne

Narrow lanes concealing world-class restaurants, bars and street art, Melbourne was ‘hipster’ before the word was even invented. The city is both dynamic and cosmopolitan and is Australia’s sporting and cultural capital.


6. Shanghai

Home to some of the world’s tallest sky scrapers, Shanghai also exudes a certain old world charm through its art deco buildings, relics of another era. The city promises memorable culinary experiences, a vibrant music and club scene and is an absolute shopper’s paradise.


7. Toronto

As the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet, Toronto boasts of some of the world’s finest restaurants, happening bars and clubs and eclectic festivals.


8. Dubai

Known for its crazy infrastructure projects that would never get off the drawing board elsewhere, this tiny emirate offers visitors an equally stunning array of dining and shopping experiences. The city comes alive once the sun goes down.


9. Seoul

While Seoul is a city speeding towards the future, you’ll also encounter fascinating fragments of the past here. Stylish boutiques and cool cafes are equally a part of its charm as are its centuries old teahouses and shrines. The city is heaven for passionate foodies.


10. Hong Kong

Besides an iconic skyline, Hong Kong offers visitors a sensory feast. Look underneath its glass and steel facade and you’ll find traces of its cultural roots and colonial connections, all part of the sum that is this dynamic city. Hong Kong is a city of possibilities so whatever your desires, you’ll find them satiated here.


Surprised? Yeah. Me too.

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