Christopher Nolan Made His Directorial Debut In This Lesser Known Short Film Called Doodlebug

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Christopher Nolan is arguably the best director of the current era of Hollywood. People love his movies.

It’s not by any stretch of the imagination reasonable to reduce Christopher Nolan to his films’ plot-twists. He’s a striking director with vision; one of the main filmmakers who makes unmistakable movies that pose huge inquiries on an enormous, blockbuster-sized scale.

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Be it Inception, or Memento, Nolan has always surprised his audiences. But only a few of his fans know about a short-film that he made during his college days. The name of this short-film is ‘Doodlebug’.

Source: The Verge

The story concerns a man trying to kill a bug in his filthy apartment. It is revealed that the bug is a miniature version of the man himself. There’s a typical Christopher Nolan twist involved and the end of this short film leaves you with more questions than answers.

Critics widely consider it as a prelude to the concept behind Inception.

Here’s the short-film. Enjoy!


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