Can You Recognize This Famous Hollywood Actor In His New Role?

Christian Bale looks unrecognizable as he transforms himself to play Dick Cheney in a new biopic.


Hollywood actor Christian Bale is known for getting into the skin of its character and sometimes it is quite literal. He has time and again pushed the envelope with his dedication to the art. We all know how he dropped whopping 63 pounds to play the role of an insomniac in the haunting film The Machinist (2004).

in Machinist


Christian Bale is back at it again. Only this time, he has put on a few pounds and a lot of prosthetics! All this playing Dick Cheney, the Former VP of United States Of America, in an upcoming biopic.

If you are wondering , this is what the real Dick Cheney looks like.

You’d think a handsome actor like Christian Bale with dark looks could never pull off the former VP. Thanks to prosthetic, Bale is looking remarkably unlike himself – the way it should be.

Here is Christian Bale all ready to play Dick Cheney.


And no, that is not photoshopped! That is Bale in full costume. Resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?

Christian Bale will be joined by Amy Adams,  who plays Cheney’s wife in the film. They were last seen together in the Oscar nominated film – American Hustle. The gorgeous actress too is undergoing a polar makeover, making her look unlike her real self!


Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney

Here is how  the real life Dick and Lynne Cheney look like.



Amy Adams and Christian Bale’s transformation from this to their screen roles is startling! Do we hear another round of Oscar nomination for them?

The Dick Cheney biopic will be directed and written by Adam McKay. Bale has put on some pounds while Amy Adams looks paler and much older than she actually is. The film is a narrative on Dick Cheney being one of the most influential Vice Presidents in US history. It will also chronicle his policy decisions and his stance on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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