If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Chocolate Goes White And Spotty, We Have The Answer!

You know what’s worse than finding half a chocolate? Finding no chocolate. But you what’s the worst? Opening up a perfectly good chocolate bar that you’ve been saving for the Sunday only to find it’s turned spotty and white.

A lot of people will just throw a chocolate bar out if they see these white coating on it, because of the obvious question. Is it still safe to eat?

Short answer: It is!
Though the chocolate may taste and feel a little different when these spots appear, it’s still safe to gobble up. There’s nothing wrong with it. Not really.

See the whitish spots and streaks are caused by two kinds of harmless chemical reactions: Sugar blooms and fat blooms. These cute sounding reactions happen when chocolate is not tempered or stored properly, and exposed to the big bad sun.

choc 1

To figure out exactly what was going on with their favourite bar of Cadbury’s, a team of researchers decided to take a closer look at chocolate’s crystal structure using high-powered x-rays.

First, they whipped up chocolate from its basic ingredients in their lab. Once they’d finished licking their fingers (and the bowl), they added oil to it.
Immediately, the oil trickled through the pores of the chocolate, melting its crystals as it went. This left the fat from the cocoa butter free to move and it conveniently made its way to the surface, where it recrystallized, leaving greasy streaks.

So to put it simply, the spots and streaks are a result of the alteration of the chocolate’s crystalline structure, that causes it to go from being smooth and glossy to discoloured and powdery.

So how do you protect your stash of chocolate from this undesirable transformation?
By keeping it dry and cool. Turns out, 18* Celsius is the sweet spot.

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