The Chilling Last Words Of 10 Of The World’s Lesser Known Murderers And Criminals

Ours is a world that has a weird obsession with serial killers, thieves – criminals in general.

The thing about them being thought that they tend to get caught. Surprisingly often in fact. And depending on the place and time of their sentencing, many of them have been sent to their deaths.

But before they were executed, their last words were often documented, leading to a chilling look at their psyche and final moments.

#1 Peter Kurten

Murdered more than 9 people and attempted to kill about 30.


#2 George Appel

Killed a police officer.


#3 Carl Panzram

Murdered approximately 21 people and allegedly raped over 1000 men.


#4 James French

Murdered a motorist who gave him a lift, and was sentenced to death for killing his cellmate.


#5 Sean Flanagan

Murdered two gay men in Nevada for the “good of society”.


#6 Carlos Granados

Murdered his girlfriend Kathy Jiminez and her 3-year-old son.


#7 Peter Manuel

Sexually assaulted and murdered and seven people.


#8 Thomas Grasso

Murdered two old women to steal their petty cash. He famously asked for SpaghettiO’s for his last meal.


#9 Gary Gilmore

Murdered a motel manager and was the first US citizen to be executed after the death penalty was reinstated. An ad executive for Nike actually gave him credit for inspiring the brand’s tagline, “Just do it!”


#10 Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum

An infamous outlaw, he was caught when a train robbery went wrong.


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