Here Is How 10 Countries Around The World Celebrate Children’s Day

Of all the Holidays the world celebrates, Children’s Day is definitely the best.

It celebrates the cheerfulness and naivety of kids. In India, the celebrations initially included teachers gifting the students’ chocolates and other treats. Parents shower their offsprings with gifts and a good time. This is the day when kids take full advantage of their age and have a blast.

 But this is a day celebrated all around the world, with each country honoring their children in fun and unique ways.

#1. Argentina, third Sunday of August

argentina children's day

Even though there is a fixed day, the day is celebrated as per the local market days. Special events are organized for the kids to have fun.


#2. Brazil, October 12

brazil children's day

Huge celebrations take place across the country and children receive gifts from their family.


#3. India, November 14

india children's day

We celebrate Children’s Day on Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. Children have special performances and competitions in school.


#4. Japan, May 5 and March 3

japan children's day

Children’s Day in Japan is celebrated a bit differently, they raise carp-shaped koinobori flags which represent each member of the family. May 5 is for the boys and it is also the day of Dragon Boat Festival. The girls have their own day for celebrations on March 3rd.


#5. China, June 1

china children's day

The Chinese get a public holiday on this day. The kids get to perform in cultural activities and also go for fun camping trips. Most places also give discounts on this day!


#6. South Korea, May 5

south korea children's day

South Koreans prefer practicality. They gift their kids’ things that might actually be useful, like books and clothes.


#7. Singapore, first Friday of October

singapore children's day

Children from Singapore enjoy this day by going to picnics and enjoying a day out with their families. Treats and gifts follow the celebrations.


#8. Thailand, the second Saturday of January

thailand children's day

Each Children’s Day the Thai people get a new motto. The Thai PM issues this motto. Special programmes for kids too are arranged so kids can have their fun.


#9. Germany, September 20

germany children's day

The country celebrates the occasion grandly by organizing fun events and performances. Kids get to participate in their favorite games.


#10. Bulgaria, June 1

bulgaria children's day


Family dinners are quite traditional to Children’s Day. Kids receive gifts and toys.

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