We Are Still Emotionally Attached To These 9 Pens We Used In Our School Days

There was a time we wrote with our hands, scribbling out pages after pages of notes. When bored, we’d bring out the fanciest pens to doodle out whatever was on our minds.

I remember that time switching to high school and finally being allowed to use pens. Before this, we were all bogged down by pencils to do our school work. That excitement of shopping for school supplies and buying the coolest stationary is missing from this generation. It was something that seemed to have died with the 90s kids.

Today, we don’t use writing tools anymore, thanks to smartphones and keyboards. Every time I visit a stationery store and find a pen I used as a child, I am hit with fresh nostalgia.

Do you remember these pens we used as children?

#1. These pens were a luxury back in the day.

Link Ocean (7)

#2. This was a favorite amongst the classmates.

Link Ocean (6)

#3. This was the most sasta and tikao pen and it wrote beautifully!

Link Ocean (5)

#4. The pen with the sharpest point, it was fragile but it helped us improve our writing.

Link Ocean (4)

#5. This was probably the first pen all of us owned. You still get them in stationary shops, it’s a classic!

Link Ocean (2)

#6. Remember when our teachers forced us to use fountain pens? This was the safest option because it didn’t get ink all over our hands.

Link Ocean (3)

#7. This was one of my favorites, it has the bluest of ink and it wrote like a dream.

Link Ocean (1)

#8. This pen was the cheapest of gel pens available. We loved lending and losing them just so we could buy new ones in different ink.

Link Ocean

#9. Remember clicking them all together to see if you could write in all colors?!

Multicoloured Pens


Yes, I know this is not a pen. But remember all us kids we so crazy for mechanical pencils. This was the hi-tech gadget of our generation!

Mechanical Pencil

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comment below!

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