Guy Posts Pictures With A Gaanja Plant And Forgets About Kaanoon Ke Lambe Haath

Imagine being so high that you post pictures online posing with a cannabis plant and inviting law enforcement agencies straight to your house.

For a country that is so polarised on subjects like language, food, culture, favourite IPL teams, and politics; agreeing on one thing is seemingly impossible. But there’s one thread that keeps the social fabric of our country intact and that’s marijuana.

Recently, a picture of two friends posing with a cannabis plant went viral. They managed a lot of likes but it all changed once Chennai police decided to arrest the duo.


35-year-old Kamal and 22-year-old Sasikumar were arrested after their picture, showing the duo posing next to a cannabis plant, went viral online.


The police were subequently alerted and arrested Sasikumar from his house at VM Street.

After Sasikumar spilled the beans, the police arrested Kamal from his resident at Neelam Basha Dargah Street, reports the Times of India.


Maybe this is something that’ll finally convince my friends to stop posting annoying ‘weed culture’ pictures on Instagram.

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