90s Kids Witness The End Of An Era As Channel [V] Shuts Down Completely

If you thought 2017 couldn’t be any worse, you’d not be very pleased to know that our favorite 90’s channel, ‘Channel V’ is shutting down. 


Yep, let that sink in and it’s okay if you’re crying because so did we.


Remember the good old days of Purab, Cary, Pia, Lola Kutty and Simpoo Singh? Is the nostalgia hitting you as hard as it is hitting us?

Our introduction to good music and a platform for the best playback singers that we have today, was once experimented on by Channel V, back in the day.


Not like we spend our time watching TV anymore but shutting down the channel is as good as completely shutting down a major part of my childhood. I’d sit next to the landline for hours trying to reach out to the VJs hoping that I could request my song and guess what? My call did get connected once and I requested the ‘Ketchup Song’. Yes, I did!

From the most epic VJs to music that was extremely new and ‘cool’ for our generation, Channel V gave it all and now that it’s not going to be there anymore, I think it’s time for us to come to terms with the fact that everything pure and magical about the 90’s is officially dying.

There are numerous reasons behind the channel shutting down with the most important one being the lack of focus, consistency, and leadership. The channel couldn’t get a right strategy since 7-8 years and after constantly shifting from a music channel to a channel showing fictional programmes and general entertainment, the ad rates couldn’t match up.

The channel tried to hard to stay relevant in the audience and despite constant change in the content, it got too hard for it to survive. 


Netizens have taken to Twitter to express how heartbroken this news has left them!

Fellow 90’s people, can you feel the pain pouring out of these tweets?

What do you have to say about losing this extremely important part of your childhood? Share your pain with us and we’ll give you a virtual hug.

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