This Celebrity Tattoo Artist Teaches Acid Attack Survivors The Art Of Tattooing And Empowers Them

A tattoo has always been an art of expressing thy self and the co-founder of Body Canvas Tattoo and Piercing celebrates it in the most beautiful manner.

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Vikas Malani at his studio in Bandra, Mumbai. I was researching for the studio to get my second tattoo done and stumbled upon Body Canvas Tattoo And Piercing. I checked out their Instagram and was quite happy with their work. I had a design in my mind and the moment I reached the studio, I knew that I had come to the right place.

The staff members welcome you and make you feel like you are a part of their family, which is something rarely found in studios. Not just the staff members, Vikas also made it a point to have a conversation with you and guide you in the whole tattoo process.

NOTE: Please research abundantly about the studio, your design, the tattoo artist and about the process of the tattooing before deciding anything. 

While I was getting my tattoo done, Vikas came around to have a conversation with us. While we were talking about tattoos in India, he happened to mention the workshop that he actively participates. He has been tattooing for 18 years and one thing he believes is in his work.

“Face is not the thing to see. It’s all about your work. Nobody cares what Vikas Malani looks like, they see his work,” he said.

That’s when he crossed the Chhanv foundation. It is an abode for acid attack fighters that is led by acid attack survivor Lakshmi.

The Malani brothers have been actively working with acid attack survivors and teach them the art of tattooing. In the 18 years of working as the artist, he has met with people who wanted to beautify their scars. This step has changed his perspective immensely.

“They are so strong and brave.”

When he started in the industry, it was his mother who supported him and told him to pursue his passion. Whatever he is right now, he considers it as his mother’s blessing. People have looked down on him when he used to mention his profession and that’s when he realised the societal stigma people face in daily life.

A strong advocate of women empowerment and a feminist, Vikas Malani wants to make life easier for women and people who face these stigmas on daily basis.

“People look at me and judge me because I’m a tattoo artist. When I was thinking about ‘appearance’, I thought about acid attack survivors. That’s when I thought of giving them tattoos and guiding them in the art.

Because when they go out, it’s their work that speaks for them. Their work would be spoken out and not their appearance. I want them to have a normal life and that’s why I want them to be independent and start their own workstations.”

Moreover, Malani’s studio, Body Canvas, intends to extend tattoo making scholarships towards the survivors. He is also doing a bit for the disabled children and underprivileged kids. Being feminist, that he is, he wants to remove the unacceptance of women tattoo artists and the stereotype that women with tattoos are ‘easy’

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P.S. I got my tattoo done from Anil.

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