While Celebrities Are Stopping Traffic, Rahul Dravid Reminds Us Of Basic Civic Sense

Rahul Dravid is definitely one of the greatest cricketers we’ve ever had but he’s a real champion not only because of the sport he plays but also because of his humbleness!


This picture of Rahul Dravid is doing rounds on the internet and it clearly shows how down to earth this legend is. He is seen standing in the queue with his children with absolutely no snobby attitude, unlike other celebrities.

The man is India’s favorite for being one of the best cricket players in a nation that worships cricket and despite the fandom that he has, he chooses to live a life just like everyone else.

This isn’t the first time he has shown us how humble he is as a person. He also makes sure he attends all the parent-teacher meetings and throws absolutely no VIP tantrums.

Rahul was attending his kid’s science exhibition and was seen walking around just like all the other parents without any special treatment or attention. 

It didn’t take long for Twitter to start talking about Rahul’s humble attitude and shower him with all the love that he deserves!








Maybe it’s time other Indian VIPs are given a short crash course in civic sense. We all know of a guy who could teach them.

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