This Republic Day, It’s Time To Wish And Change The Way You Think

It’s Republic Day, another mid-week holiday that would be a long weekend catalyst for most of us! Yes, the first holiday of the year and we are all excited. We are not going to ramble about the endless struggles our forefathers went through to let us breathe the independent air of our republic nation! Yes, we all know that and no matter how hard we are learning, we are growing every day into a beautiful nation.

This day, it’s as simple as a wish! It is as simple as saying those three words to your country, unfurling the little miniature flags that the poorest of kids would be running after with at every traffic signal, the glitter in their eyes much more than our bored expression.

GM Switches made Republic Day a special moment for us and it just took them a minute to do so! This time, take a look at the tricolor and let it the prettiest thing you saw today! Let’s just wish each other, a Happy Republic Day. This Republic Day, let’s take another step into falling in love with our country, once again with this heartwarming video!

This Republic Day, let’s just change the way we thing and let it be as simple as that!

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