CBSE Class 12 Results Might Be Delayed And Twitter Is Hilariously Upset

Board examinations are the beginning of the end of your childhood. Suddenly, you’re being held accountable for your life till then, consisted of updating Facebook with pictures of your shitty friends. But there’s no denying that the result will dictate the following 2 to 5 years of your life and might even have an impact beyond that. Which is why theย delay of the Class 12 CBSE results is creating quite the uproar on Twitter.

Following the Delhi High Court Order that asks for a stay in the Marks Moderation Policy that was in place when students filled in forms for the CBSE examinations, there is a possibility that the results of the students will face a delay. The results that were meant to be declared on the 24th of May, 2017 are still pending, putting an insane amount of pressure on students as well as universities and colleges. Prompting some hilarious reactions from the Twitterverse.














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Mehernaz Patel

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