This Man Teaching English Grammar Rules While Dancing And Singing Is Winning The Internet

English is a very funny language. While many can talk in English and walk in English effortlessly, there are millions who struggle to understand even the basic grammar rules! And why not, the language has no bar when it comes to rules and each one of them is contrary to the other. Even we sometimes […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Fingers And Toes Wrinkle When You Take A Shower?

I do enjoy the occasional long shower. I enjoy the cascading hot water beading on cold skin,  and the clean smelling lather of soap, and most of all, the time I can spend in there doing as I please, uninterrupted. It was during one of those showers one rainy day in June as a child […]

Ryan Reynolds Getting Roasted In This Interview Is Way Too Hilarious To Miss!

Ryan Reynolds is known as the funny guy with looks to grace any/all top magazines in the world. He has time and again regaled us with his comedic timing with movies like The Proposal and Deadpool. Let’s agree that he is one hell of guy! And because he is so awesome, he is also subject to […]

Federer and Nadal Try Acting On Helium And It’s Impossible Not To Smile

It is a given that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are brilliant sportsmen and are known rivals on the court. However, this video proves that they are great people off-court as well. The rapport and camaraderie between both is adorable and a sign of true strength. The video in question was uploaded on Hot91 Broadcasting is an […]

100 years: A Movie That Will Premiere In 2115. Yes, You Read That Right!

Did you know about the one movie that made its way to Cannes but won’t be making its way to theatres anytime soon? Titled 100 Years, the movie is all set to premiere in November 2115, way after you’ve ceased to exist. No, seriously. 100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See, stars John Malkovich, and has been […]

A Sanskrit Cheap Thrills Takes The Internet By Storm – Check Out The Best Cover Of Sia’s Hit Track

When we think Sanskrit, we think ‘culture’ or ‘ancient’ or ‘heritage’. When we think Cheap Thrills we think ‘not sanskrit’. A Sanskrit Cheap Thrills feels really far away. But desis never disappoint- so here we have the catchiest cover in shuddh sanskrit. A video that hopes to boost Sanskrit’ popularity has definitely achieved its goal. […]

‘Carbon’ Starring Nawazuddin Siddique And Jackky Bhagnani Is Intense And Powerful

‘Carbon’ is set in 2067 and also stars Prachi Desai. The 24-minute short film is pretty intense and is a one time watch. Set in 2067, ‘Carbon’ deals with the future we’re all dreading. It deals with the nuisance caused by scarcity of natural oxygen and water. The world in ‘Carbon’, is one where you […]

10 Countries You Must Visit, According To This Woman Who Has Visited 196 Countries In The World

At 27, Cassanda De Pecol has been to every country in the world. There are 196 countries in the world and Cassie De Pecol has visited every country. Now, these are travel goals. She claims that she has broken many Guinness Book World Record. She is the first documented woman to travel every country. Expedition 196 was […]

Did You Know That Airplane Windows Were Square Shaped Before They Were Changed To Round?

Well, how many of you have always asked the airlines crew to get you on a window seat? It’s always fun to see through the clouds and listen to some music, you in your own personal space. Well, other than noticing that why are we supposed to keep the window panes open while landing and […]

“Smriti Irani Got Me Sacked For Not Following Orders”, Pahlaj Nihalani Gets Candid In This Interview

Pahlaj Nihalani has been an active part of the gossip grapevines when it comes to Bollywood’s sensitive relationship with the censor board. Though the bitter sweet relationship has always fuelled the media, things became very open when CBFC chairperson, Pahlaj Nihalani became a daily headline for not allowing ‘Udta Punjab’ release as a free script. […]

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