Friends With Benefits: 10 Things You SHOULD Know Before You Dive Into the Deep!

Friends with Benefits is the new instant coffee. The combination of instant gratification, temporary commitment and being spoiled for choice makes it a tempting package, hard to say no to. But if you thought it was the perfect solution to a drama-free life, you thought wrong. Because while having FWBs is incredibly convenient, things can […]

10 Simple Ways To Check If There Are Harmful Adulterants In Your Delicious Food

Life has taught us one thing – we can never really be sure if what we’re dunking into our mouths is in fact food. From harmless things like water in milk to adding carcinogens to your pepper, food manufacturers are willing to cut a staggering number of corners ot keep costs of production nice and […]

6 Lesser Known Islands In India That Are Perfect For A Quiet Getaway

I’ve always been a beach person. So whenever I’m on a vacation, chances are, I’m always looking for the shore. There’s just something about an island that is incredibly rejuvenating. The salty air, the palm-fringed coast, the warm sand that stretches for miles, and oh, the views! I’m getting carried away, aren’t I? Back to […]

10 Bizarre Mental Disorders That Are Possibly Beyond Your Imagination

When it comes to the human mind, there is no depth to which it can be explored. The little one might be only 2% of the whole body’s weight, yet if a single nerve in the vast neural network goes haywire, the outcomes are simply unimaginable. We might be very well acquainted with one mental […]

6 Heritage Hotels That Your Favourite Bollywood Movies Were Filmed At!

As Indians, we’re obsessed with Bollywood. So it’s no wonder then that the films we love also have an important part to play in influencing our travel decisions. Wouldn’t we all like the chance to walk the same halls that our favourite stars once did? At these heritage hotels, all locations where famous Bollywood flicks […]

Looking To Stay In The Sheets? Here’s 6 Of The Sexiest Adult Only Hotels Across The Globe!

Sexcapades are made even better by the availability of private spaces customized to enhance the quality time you spend with your special someone. I mean when you minus the babies yelling and the old couples smiling at you in the elevator, it really opens up a lot of possibilities, right? So without further ado, here’s […]

7 Of The Most Unusual Temples In The World

Temples as places of worship have been built for centuries by a number of ancient civilizations across the globe. Depending on the deity being worshipped, the styles and structures and systems of these temples are all wonderfully unique. The ones on this list though, boast a little extra characteristic that makes them even more special. […]

Here Are 15 Things That We Did Not Know Come With An Expiry Date

We all have certain things that we’ve been using ever since the beginning of our existence and it just gets so difficult to give them up. From old comfy footwear to our favorite sunglasses, we all have our favorite things that remain with us for years.  What we might not know is that a lot of […]

9 Interesting Things You Can Learn From Your Date’s Social Media Accounts

At an age where half my friends are on Tinder and the other half are on Shaadi.com, it often makes me wonder where I fit in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, while social media might be the cause of a lot of our problems, dating is one area where it can help. Your date’s […]

8 Train Rides Across The Globe Longer Than Your Daily Commute To Work

Honestly, according to me, the longest train ride in the world is my daily commute from Vasai to Mumbai city. But obviously, it’s not. So if you’re someone who really loves the rhythm of the railways, and are actually interested in knowing about the world’s longest train rides, here’s a list. 1. The Trans-Siberian Express: Moscow […]

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