6 Vegetable Markets Of The World That Float On Water As You Ask For More Dhaniya

Grocery shopping is a chore that most of us will go to any lengths to avoid. Across the globe though, thanks to floating markets, it’s actually a fascinating experience. Vibrant and buzzing with energy, these markets are like any other, except the vendors row in their wares, with buyers lining the docks to haggle and […]

10 Questionably Sexy Products In Case You Forgot To Buy A Gift For Valentines Day

Sex is subjective. There are things many people find sexy and then things only that weird dude from the fourth floor is into. But still, thanks to the internet, you can enjoy your preferences in healthy and sometimes shady ways. There are multiple places you can buy your creepy shit from. But lurking on these […]

9 Unique Modes Of Public Transport Across The Globe

There are buses and trains and cars and planes, and then there are modes of transport so unique and indigenous to certain places, they almost seem bizarre! Now for locals, of course, travelling by these is just a way of life. But for us thirsty travellers, they’re bound to be an experience of a lifetime. So […]

10 Fun Things You Can Do Using Google Chrome In Case You’re Incredibly Bored

The internet is too fascinating for anyone to possibly get bored while using it, right? But for those of you who have incredibly high standards when it comes to your amusement, Google offers some great ways to kill the boredom. #1 Play Zerg Rush Source Based on the game StarCraft, typing Zerg Rush into Google […]

5 Of The World’s Most Deadly Places That Are Still Inhabited By People

Danger is everywhere. You can slip off your bathroom, fall off your stairs or even get struck by lightning. Death is always lurking around, isn’t it? And yet we think we have finally settled in a secure building, with a watchman that sleeps most of the night, a double latch door, and an impeccable alarm […]

World’s Most Colorful Cities That Should Be Part Of Your Bucket List In 2018

Some cities are known for their nightlife. Some cities are known for their street food. Some cities are known for their quaint cobbled streets or the exciting experiences they offer thrill-seeking travelers. The cities on this list, however, are simply known for being the most vibrantly coloured and visually breathtaking across the globe. 1. Nassau, The […]

8 Ways To Bring In The New Year If You’re Alone And Not Partying!

The end of the year can be pretty stressful for some people, especially if you’re kind of a loner and have event invites piling up at your desk like me. So if partying or bar hopping is not your scene but you still want to bring in the new year doing something special, here’s a […]

6 Rare Medical Conditions That Can Actually Turn You Into A Super Human

When it comes to the anatomy of the human brain, there are as many possibilities in the universe, as there are neurons carrying messages in the human body. Science has time and again tried to understand the functionality of a human brain, and every time it leaves us appalled. We might know and accept psychological conditions, […]

10 Countries Where One Indian Rupee Could Get You A Lot More Than An Eclair!

I always seem to be broke these days, even if it’s nowhere close to the end of the month. I can’t even remember where I spent all that cash. Somehow, money just doesn’t have value these days. Or does it? In these 10 countries, the value of the Indian rupee is still higher than their […]

Delhi And Mumbai Make It To The List Of Most Expensive Cities To Rent An Office In

Rent is such a scary word, isn’t it? JLL (Jones Lang LaSelle), a firm that specializes in real estate and investment management made a report on the most expensive premium office rent. And turns out, two Indian cities are on the list! The list has the world’s most expensive office locations, where technology-rich markets feature strongly, […]

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