6 Destinations That Are Perfect For Women Wanting To Travel Solo In India!

With the right preparation, travelling solo doesn’t have to be daunting. You can start by picking the right destination.

8 Instagram Worthy Places You Can Travel To Without Leaving The Country!

Do you find that scrolling through your Instagram feed leaves you with vacation envy? Do you sometimes wish it were you, sunning yourself on a beach in Hawaii or reading a book in a quaint cafe in Santorini? Well, we have a fix for your monotonous Instagram feed that doesn’t involve mortgaging your precious possessions. […]

10 Surprising But Good Alternative Uses Of Toothpaste That You Never Knew!

Yes, there are many alternative uses to the toothpaste other than brushing your teeth. Sure it whitens, brightens and prevents cavities, but there are more uses for toothpaste than you’d believe possible. 1. Cleans your shoes Source Want to clean and whiten the rubber part of your sneakers? Get out the non-gel toothpaste and an old […]

You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Estimated Cost Of Production Of The New iPhone X

The estimated cost of production of iPhone X is not even 50 % of the selling price. How many of you have wondered how much moolah it takes to make an iPhone? The makers haven’t really disclosed the cost but we found data on how much the estimated cost could come up to. The results […]

10 Street Foods That You Can Indulge In Across The Globe For Less Than INR 500!

When it comes to travelling, street food is a backpacker’s true friend. It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it gives you the opportunity to engage with the locals, besides making for a great Instagram story. So if you’re a foodie on a quest to sample the world’s buffet, here’s a little guide we put together keeping […]

Bollywood Beauties And Their Favorite Perfumes: Here’s A Lineup To Inspire Your Next Buy!

Seeing as the perfume you wear says a lot about who you are, it’s especially important to make sure you invest in the right one. Here’s the lineup of Bollywood’s most loved perfumes to help you decide! 1. Priyanka Chopra: Trussardi Donna Eau de Parfum An intriguing mix of orange blossoms, jasmine tea, water lily, […]

These 8 Hotels Are So Unique, Staying In Any Of Them Is A Vacation All By Itself!

You know how when we were younger we’d draw big, grand versions of the places we’d like to live in someday? Some people took those crazy ideas to heart and turned them into hotels. Thanks to them you can actually spend a night (or more) in these crazy places: 1. The Manta Resort, Tanzania Surrounded […]

10 Facts About Snapchat That Prove There’s More To The App Than The Dog Filter

Okay, so the CEO of one of the second most popular social media application Sanpchat might not consider India as a booming market, but clearly, we have forgotten the spat! Also, we love the dog filter and there is no way we are ever coming out of selfie frenzy. The app became one of the […]

This Is Why Judges Break The Nib Of Their Pen After Giving A Death Sentence

Over the world, in the legal system, approximately 56 countries still practice capital punishment when it comes to heinous crimes like murder and rape. Almost 103 countries have abolished the practice of giving a death note to the convicts for all the crimes. However,  it is a common practice for judges to break the nib of […]

So I Have A Question, Girl To Girl: Would You Wear Crotchless Panties?

As a lingerie lover, I’m ever on the lookout for the newest trends. And it was during my pursuit of all things racy and lacey that I stumbled upon crotchless panties – the industry’s newest offering for those looking to spice things up in the bedroom. “So what’s wrong with a plain old fashioned satin […]

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