Break Up Sex: The Good, The Bad, And The Better Truths Of Getting Under The Sheets One Last Time!

Breakup sex is bittersweet. It’s passionate. It’s demanding. It’s squeezing all of the emotions involved in your relationship into a few hours and making love to each other one last time. Can you really handle that? Most people can’t. That’s probably why it doesn’t happen so often. But if it does, you might as well […]

The Bedroom Blame Game: Are You Responsible For Your Partner’s Orgasms?

When it comes to orgasming during intercourse, a look at statistics across the globe will tell you that one side seems to be losing big time. Yep. Even though it’s each other they’re having sex with, only 25% of women consistently achieve an orgasm as compared to the whopping 75% of men who do so […]

4 Steps To Get Over Someone You Were Never Really In A Relationship With!

As lovers in a time of love without labels, we are no longer bound by the standard set of rules that defined relationships of old. We find someone we click with, exchange numbers and spend hours texting and getting close without actually knowing where we’re headed. And when we finally do realize that we’re going […]

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone And Move On To Something More

Hello there, you little sad person, long-term resident of the Friendzone! I know your suffering. I’ve heard the hopelessness in your voice, and felt your silent exasperation. And I’m here to offer you a hand out of this abyss. If you’re not too busy popping the champagne while they marry someone else, that is. Seven […]

8 Compliments The Men In Your Life Would Most Definitely Love To Hear From You!

It’s no secret.  A little open affection goes a long way in ensuring both partners feel cherished, desired and respected in a relationship. But a lot of men are unfortunately often denied their fair share of compliments simply because we women don’t know what to say and how to say it. We can’t just get […]

Sex Toys For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Use These Handy Devices!

Even though the oldest known sex toy has been around for over a thousand years now, the mere mention of the word “dildo” still elicits giggles, a variety of interesting facial expressions, and at most times, quiet judgement. Of course, we all have our own fears and blind spots when it comes to sex, so […]

10 Of The Most Dangerous Heterosexual Sex Positions That Should Not Be Tried At Home!*

Kids, if you’re below 18, this is where you stop reading. Pseudo adults, if you’re looking for guidance on how to keep your body and dignity intact in the bedroom, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here are 10 of the most dangerous sex positions ever invented, and you’d do well to keep them out […]

The World’s Longest Escalator Is By Far The Best Way To Commute To Work

I think all of us would hate our jobs a little less if we were to subtract the rush hour commute from the equation. I know I would. Not in Hong Kong though, because if I could take the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world to work everyday, I wouldn’t be complaining. Especially in […]

8 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Survival In A Horror Movie

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually been in a horror movie, but I do commute by a Mumbai suburban train every day so I know a thing or two about survival. In every horror movie, people almost always end up doing the same stupid things over and over again until they drop dead like flies. Why do […]

10 Brilliant And Wacky Inventions From The Villages Of India

Humanity has never lacked for examples of unique inventions. Right from the wheel, we’ve never ceased to amaze with new and interesting things. But very often, we think of scientific discovery being something that is achieved by stern looking scientists in fancy lab coats. But that’s not necessarily true. A lot of times, invention is […]

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