Indians Are Outraged At Upcoming Hollywood Film ‘Basmati Blues’ Portrayal Of India

Remember when they’d make Hollywood movies about foreigners visiting India and create a very stereotypical image of the country? Just when you thought that era was over, the ‘Basmati Blues’ trailer is here to prove you wrong.  Source Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson’s character ‘Linda’ visits India for a rice experiment and an ‘exciting […]

Superwoman Is Helping Her Fans Fulfill their Life Goals By Paying For Education

Don’t we all love Lily Singh who has been sharing the message of ‘One Love’ and ‘Unicorns’ as ‘Superwoman’ on Youtube for a while now? Source Lily, who has been declared as the highest earning female Youtuber by Forbes is thanking her fans for their love in the most genuine way and we couldn’t help […]

20 Funny But Totally Unrelated Tweets To Make Your Friday Go By Faster

It’s almost that time of the week when your hard earned money is going to drown in a river of alcohol and bad decisions. Source YAY! Friday! But not quite yet. You have to slog it for one more day. So over the weekend, you can tell your home computer that the whole thing between […]

Twitter User Wins The Internet For Trolling Indigo Airlines With A Special Request

Remember when flying was a fun and convenient mode of travel? Neither do we. Source But even though you are unnaturally high up in the air surrounded by complete strangers who could lead ot the plane plummeting to the ground and killing you. And the real tragedy wouldn’t even be your death but the last […]

India Defeats New Zealand In The Most Exciting T20 Match In Recent Memory

As fate would have it, the third and deciding T20 match between India and New Zealand was reduced to 8 overs a side, courtesy: magical creatures in the sky. In a crucial toss, the New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson, offered the Indian team to bat first. On a damp moist wicket that yielded spin and […]

20 Tweets To Help Calm Down Every Girl During Her Period

Well, if you are on your period and every man on this planet is an ape to you, we feel you! We know how hard it gets when your eggs haven’t hatched and the only way you can be happy about it is by bleeding! But what we can do is find some extremely relatable […]

Whatsapp Went Down For 5 Minutes And Nobody Could Keep Their Calm

Well, maybe the world can live without oxygen for some time. But, Whatsapp leaving your hand for 5 minutes is an apocalypse nobody in this generation is prepared for! A few minutes back, Whatsapp went down for around 5 minutes and people lost their calm. Though it was just for 5 minutes, the world went […]

These 10 Totally Random Tweets Will Make You Laugh At How Pointless They Are

Do not look for logic in these funny tweets, they are pretty random.

Modi And Rahul Gandhi Met, Stared And Twitter Had The Funniest Reaction To It

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi came face to face at the Parliament at a memorial event of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel‘s birth anniversary. The moment they met, they had an intense staredown and Twitter being Twitter couldn’t stop making fun of this image. Recently, Rahul Gandhi had posted that his pet pooch Pidi was handling his social […]

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