This Instagram Account’s Brutally Honest Ads Will Make You Look At Brands Differently

The Instagram account The Fake Ad Co. has nailed the art of witty slogans.

Here’s How 7 Of The World’s Deadliest Dictators Met Their Ends

“Live by the sword, die by the sword“. That’s what the Bible says, anyway. Sadly, that’s not how all the evil men on this list met their end after terrorizing and slaying thousands of innocent people. Just or unjust, here are the facts for you to decide. 1. Józef Stalin, Russia (1878-1953) Józef Stalin was a […]

If You’re Still Stuck At Work, You’ll Be Jealous Of The Labour Laws In These 8 Countries

It’s late. If you’ve left work, good for you. If you’re still slogging away at your desk, we’re deeply sorry. But you can console yourself with these 8 countries that boast of unique labour laws. Laws that are geared towards helping their workforce develop holistically and keep their overall shit together. #1 Travel Time = […]

Meet Shiva Keshavan – The Only Indian Athlete Competing At This Year’s Winter Olympics

Shiva Keshavan has been an unstoppable force of nature and this is his sixth Winter Olympics. It’s a shame that he isn’t celebrated as much as he should be by our citizens, the government and the media. For the last 22 years, Shiva Keshavan has been a part of the Indian contingent for the Winter […]

Aaj Tak Ran A National Debate On A Parody Tweet About Priya Varrier, Gets Trolled

Spoof or Parody is intended to poke fun. However, the close nature of reality gets misunderstood and it turns into real life comedy. News channel Aaj Tak had a taste of the ruthless side of parody when they fell for it. A Twitter account Times Wow (parody of Times Now; a competitor of Aaj Tak) […]

These Pictures Are Proof That Pets Love You More Than Other Humans Ever Will

You’ll never understand true love until you’ve had a pet in your life. Log kehte hai ki sachcha pyaar dhoondna mushkil hai. But that’s not true at all. You get an animal into your life and you realise what unconditional love is. Most of us want that kind of love in our lives and for […]

These Then And Now Pictures Of Delhi Will Leave You Hoping You Could Go To The Past

There’s a story behind every city but there’s something special about Delhi.

10 Horrifying Disasters That Changed Air Travel And Made It Safer

Air travel today is extraordinarily safe. We rarely think twice about getting aboard a metal cylinder with wings and allowing it to propel us through the skies to places on the other side of the planet. And yet only last Wednesday, on February 7th, a Pune-bound Vistara aeroplane came dangerously close to crashing into a […]

Only The Best Bollywood Stars Get To Work With These 10 Talented Photographers

These Bollywood photographers know how to capture the magic.

Stop Telling Me I Don’t Need A Relationship To Be Happy, Okay?

Have you ever been lonely? Alone in a crowd? Alone at a party where everyone has someone to turn to when the slow songs start playing? I have. And it sucks. I’m 24, single, and it sucks. There, I said it. It feels good to stop pretending I’m doing great. I mean on most days, […]

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