Inspired By Tripura’s CM, I Tried Looking For Things That India Invented Before Firangis

Disclaimer: Please take this article with a pinch of salts. A huge chunk of this is satire. Anyone hurt with this article needs to take care of their feelings. Yesterday, Tripura’s brand new Chief Minister Biplab Deb came up with a new theory and made a few stunning claims. He had this to say: “India has […]

5 Pop Bands From The 90s That Broke Up And Broke Our Hearts

Oh, the sorrow! The grief over a stolen future, the endless rewinding of cassettes and the desperate carving of names into desks, hoping they’d stay together for eternity. Breakups can be painful – and band breakups, even more so. The 90s pop bands on this list, especially, made music we grew up listening to and […]

This Interview Will Help You Understand More The Struggles Of Outsiders In The Industry

In this revealing interview with Rajeev Masand, actress Patralekhaa, who made her debut in 2014’s Hansal Mehta-directed drama Citylights, speaks candidly about the struggle of making it in the movies as an outsider. It is sad that life of outsider is difficult even if they have critically acclaimed movies like City Lights. She made a […]

This Artist Recreates Iconic Images Using Garbage And A Lot Of Imagination

Before you chuck your trash in the bin without a second thought, know that you might be throwing away a masterpiece. Bernard Pras is a French artist with a unique take on modern pop culture who is happy to look beyond the obvious to find something truly striking. He is best known for his recreation […]

10 Really Bizarre Instruments Used To Create Music

All of us know how a guitar, keyboards and the conventional instruments look. But there are these others instruments which look ridiculous but create beautiful music. #1. Wheelharp It produces the sound of 61 bowed strings with keyboard controls. So you can produce the same music as an orchestra with a single person playing it. […]

Do You Know The Story Behind These Inspiring Women From Kerala Who Had To Dig Wells On Their Own

While most of the Southern parts of the country were hit with drought, a group of women from Kerala have decided to take control of the situation. Scores of them had come together to dig wells in Kerala’s Palakkad district and rewrite their destiny amid the unprecedented dry spell. With the failure of the monsoon […]

6 People Who Miraculously Escaped Serial Killers And Cheated Death

If you cross paths with a psychopathic serial killer, you’re pretty much dead, and it’s never pretty.  Unless you’re one of the lucky people on this list who made it through hell and lived to tell the story. 1. Kala Brown In August 2016, 30-year-old Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charles Carver went missing. Kala […]

10 Very Real But Weirdly Specific Jobs That People Get Paid To Do

We’ve all worked jobs we love and jobs we despise. But there aren’t that many of us who can go around claiming these job titles which logically exist, but are so strange, it’s hard to really wrap our heads around them. #1 Train Pushers Source In Japan, there are attendants known as “oshiya” who can […]

[Video] God Of Cricket, Sachin, Joins Ordinary Citizens For A Game Of Gully Cricket

Mumbai loves cricket and the sport has never seen a player as great as Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The legendary ‘Saachinnnnn Sachin!’ chant is still a memory to savour for every fan of the Indian cricket team. In the clip, Tendulkar can be seen with the bat in his hand and hitting a few tennis balls […]

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