10 Most Creative Last Words Any Millennial Can Use On Their Death Bed

Last words are important. They give a gist of the life you’ve lived and tell your story. Getting your last words right is, of course, tricky since you can’t really predict your death unless you are a clairvoyant (people who can foresee future). So while others are busy making their careers and planning for their […]

Here’s The Complete List Of Filmfare Awards 2018 Winners

Filmfare Awards are still the most respected awards ceremony for the Hindi film industry. Stalwarts from the Bollywood fraternity come together to celebrate cinema and with the diminishing state of these awards, it was important for Filmfare Awards 2018 to uphold our belief in Indian cinema. And they did deliver. Trapped and Hindi Medium had […]

15 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries That Are Too Good To Be True

Albert Einstien once said “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”, and we couldn’t agree more.   Source Books make this world a better place and libraries just ensure that these wonderful things are kept safe and are easily accessible to people. A place where thousands of books […]

A Quora Thread Explaining “Chak De Phatte” Is All You Need To Pick Up Your Planks Today

“Chak De Phatte” is a battle cry for anybody with a remote but not specific knowledge of the state of Punjab. Source So what exactly does the popular phrase mean? Literally, it’s not too glamorous. Simply meaning “pick up the planks”. Source Bad joke. But Quora has never been a platform to leave any stone […]

9 Of The World’s Most Crowded Cities That Always Seem To Have Just A Little More Room

Anybody living in a city knows the feeling of not having enough space for your shoulders to comfortably fit in. From the joys of public transport to the nagging feeling there can never really be too many cabs, all crowded cities have a unique blend of apathy and disdain which will fuck you in orifices […]

11 Rare Images Of The Actual Titanic Before It Made It To The Big Screens

The real story behind James Cameron’s masterpiece was a tragedy. The unsinkable ship, that’s what the nickname for Titanic was. On 12th April 1912, more than 1500 souls were lost from the face of the earth. Over a century later, we take a look at how everything looked on that fateful day. Titanic was the […]

In A Rare Goodwill Gesture, Akshay Kumar Postpones The Release Of Padman For Padmaavat

2018 has started on a high for Hindi cinema with both Mukkabaaz and Kaalakaandi offering something new to the audience. But the one thing missing from Kaalakaandi and Mukkabaaz’s box office clash was expected to be present in abundance in the next biggest clash: box office collections. While some Indians braced themselves for the biggest […]

The Fascinating Origins Of 8 Popular Human Gestures

Gestures are an integral part of all human communication. If you think otherwise, try thinking if you’ve ever spoken with someone with your hands firmly in your pockets? It’s hard, isn’t it? To emphasize or to complete a half-uttered sentiment, gestures help us say so much without speaking as much. Here are the fascinating stories of […]

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