The World’s Longest Escalator Is By Far The Best Way To Commute To Work

I think all of us would hate our jobs a little less if we were to subtract the rush hour commute from the equation. I know I would. Not in Hong Kong though, because if I could take the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world to work everyday, I wouldn’t be complaining. Especially in […]

If You Thought Infinity War Is The Biggest Crossover Event Ever, Twitter Will Prove You Wrong

Hey look, Infinity War is releasing, which means we can now see more heroes dramatically running towards the camera than ever before. After investing time, money and energy in keeping up with the multitudes of films that Marvel has put out since Iron Man, audiences are understandably looking forward to seeing every single one of […]

Seven Letters From The Woman On The Other Side Of The Mirror #FearFest

The letters began arriving a week ago, on Monday. They arrived in the mail, no return address. Just my name on the somewhat worn out envelope, etched in a childlike hand. Thinking it was some stupid prank, I pushed it to the back of mind and got on with my day. Who sends letters these […]

10 Examples Of Savagery So Great That They Deserve An Award Of Their Own

Here are some of the best that we found on the Internet and they are hilarious.

12 Disastrous Fails That Will Instil The Fear Of Online Shopping In Your Heart

The internet is a magical place where you can check pay taxes and watch naked people have sex. Probably watch naked people having sex while paying their taxes. But all these uses pale in comparison to online shopping. That mecca of convenience where you can feed, shelter and clothe yourself without leaving the comfort of […]

These Psychedelic Microscopic Images By The Artist Justin Zoll Are Trippy AF

Justin Zoll’s microscopic photography is just brilliant.

The Not So Secret Secret Behind Alicia Vikander’s Ripped Physique In Tomb Raider

Starring the very able Alicia Vikander, Tomb Raider has heart and well the muscles.

7 Foods You’ll Be Surprised To Know Were Invented By Accident

Accidents happen to anyone and everyone. Some leave you with broken bones and hearts and unplanned babies, and then there are some that leave you with delicious discoveries like these. It’s hard to believe that the much-loved foods on this list aren’t a byproduct of pure love and creativity; a marriage of flavors made in […]

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