These 10 Countries Are Rated Highest For Spending Money On The Military

Did you know that India’s rating is 2.11/5? There are 163 countries in the world and there are many things that are never disclosed to the media. The purchase of equipment done from one country can affect the peace index of the country. Military expenditure includes the cost of national armed forces; land, air naval and […]

Ryan International School Reopens Without Any Significant Changes In The Security System!

Even though the Haryana Government has taken administrative control of Ryan International School, the school reopened after 10 days only to disappoint the parents even more. After the murder of an eight-year-old in the school premises, parents demand a counseling session to assure them of the school’s security system.  Source So far, a conductor from […]

Here Are The Seven Fastest Trains In The World Whose Speed Will Leave Your Mind Spinning

The fastest train in the world is Shanghai Maglev. Mumbai-Ahmedabad metro project launched yesterday. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and Narendra Modi were present at the launch in Gujarat. And this is what Twitter had to say about the speech he gave. The ambitious metro project is said to be completed by 2022. The bullet […]

Odisha Man Sold His 11-Month-Old Son For A New Mobile And Alcohol!

Just when you thought that the human race couldn’t be more heartless, this incident in Odisha will make you change your mind. The father of an 11-month-old sold his son for 25,000 rupees in Bhadrak district of Odisha. He purchased a new mobile, saree for his wife, a silver anklet and more alcohol with that […]

15 Hilarious Breaking News Stories From Indian News Channels That Will Make You Question Everything

The relevant stories are always been ignored by the mainstream media. There are stories that are supposed to be ‘relevant’ according to the Indian mainstream news channels. The truth is that they aren’t. The news about a man saving a few people’s lives during a natural calamity is a better story than some story about […]

10 Unbelievable Things Happening In The World That The Media Is Not Telling You

Who all are tired of mainstream media that brings nothing but useless trolls and celebrity stalking? Well, we all love information but there is much more to the world than knowing which celebrity baby started walking or was seen eating her mom’s birthday cake. Our newsfeed definitely needs better things than religious intolerance or bashing […]

Patanjali Is Accused Of Sending Expired Products To Assam Flood Relief

While people are still affected by the floods, a report exposing Patanjali of distributing expired products as flood relief has stirred up another storm. The food and Ayurvedic company has been accused of handing out old milk powder and juice packets. Some carried expiry dates of last year. Source The Majuli district administration in Assam […]

These 10 Photos Explain How The World Has Changed In The Last 100 Years

The world is ever changing and change is the only constant. Humans have evolved through the early man age into becoming conscious beings that have all the technical advancements. And if the change is seen in a span of 100 years there is probably so much that has gone through a makeover. Inventions have created […]

Kangana Ranaut Talks About How She Would Be More Than Happy To Let Go Of This Industry

There is no stopping for Kangana and lady continues to fiercely face challenges and obstacles that are coming her way. She made an iconic statement through her AIB video that speaks about nepotism and sexism in the industry and the interviews she has been giving define the art of being straight forward. Source From talking […]

These 7 Popular English Songs Sound Really Funny When Translated Into Hindi!

Music is everything we need most of the time to help us get through life. In sadness, music helps us heal. Every song is made for a moment when it can be replayed. In joy, it helps us groove to a beat with abandon. It also helps us get through rage. But what about when […]

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