Here’s Why Brides Carry A Glass Of Milk For Their Husband On Their Suhaag Raat

We Indians have so many rituals that we just end up following them without thinking so much. As a kid, out of curiosity, we tried asking our parents ‘why’ and ended up getting scolded instead. If I start talking about rituals in Hindu marriages, it will take the whole night. But somewhere in your mind […]

10 Highly Acclaimed TV Shows We Are Not Allowed To Hate In 2017

If the internet has done anything positive for humanity, it’s been giving them a platform to be complete jerks from the comfort of their own home. Source But the internet has also opened grounds for legitimate criticism and feedback which creators can use to improve their art. Unless of course, you dare to criticise any […]

8 Bizarre Wedding Rituals Around The World That Are Tougher Than Getting Married

Getting married is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a lifelong commitment and probably the happiest time of a couple’s life. Also, it is one occasion when the entire family comes together for a celebration. Nevertheless, there are a lot of traditions and rituals connected to marriages. People may believe in them or not, […]

TV Crew Member Gets Injured During Kohli’s Batting Practice, Gets Captain’s Support

Apart from being known for his brilliant gaming skills, Kohli is also known to one of the most aggressive players in the Indian Cricket team.  Source However, the Delhi lad is not just about the tough looks and aggression. He also happens to have a soft side to him that was seen at Eden Gardens […]

A Startup Has Started An Underwear Subscription & Wants Men To Try Out These Bizarre Undies

Yeh andar ki baat hai. Source Guys, when do you buy your underwears? Usually when they are super worn out, tattered, tainted beyond comfortable? According to a report by Debenhams, most men buy new undergarments only if they are dating or in a new relationship. The rest of the time, it is either their mothers […]

10 Villages Of India That Might Be Far More Developed Than The City You Live In!

India is progressing towards becoming a developed nation. However, we cannot touch the pinnacle of development if the rural India is ignored. A massive part of India’s population resides in its villages and rural areas are becoming an important markup when deciding India’s progress. While cities and metropolitans try to create a fast-paced lifestyle, rural […]

You Need To Check Out This Instagram Account Which Perfectly Captures The Beauty Of India

The social fabric of India is made up of multiple threads from all cultures and backgrounds. Our diverse cultures add a unique identity to our being. This Instagram account, Photographers Of India, is capturing the essence of India and showcasing them in such a beautiful manner that you will change your perspectives of how you […]

10 Facts About An Iconic But Forgotten King Of The Road – The Ambassador

Remember back when every single important person you knew drove an Ambassador? Because if there was one car that made certain the people riding in it were a cut above the rest, it was this one. Hindustan Motors’ flagship model held the nation’s collective attention for an incredibly long amount of time. Form it’s spacious […]

We’re Not Sure What The People Behind These 5 Marketing Disasters Were Smoking

All of buy us things because money is pretty useless unless it’s converted into overpriced stuff… And how else would we know what to throw our wads of cash at, if it wasn’t for advertising and marketing? In your face information about things you never even knew existed, but somehow really really needed. Advertising gurus […]

10 Indian Professions That Are Slowly Treading Towards Extinction

In India, there is a very popular tradition of passing on the family profession to the following generations. People in India have long lineages of being potters, carpenters, priests, cremators and so on. They are known to have been in that profession for generations but with the advent of the modern era, these professions are failing […]

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