How Chef Gordon Ramsay Became A Fan Of the Red Ant Chutney Made In Chhatisgarh

Every state of India has its own unique taste and that’s one of the main reasons why our country is a paradise for food lovers. Indian food is not just restricted to a certain kind of flavor and our favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay decided to put one of the most unconventional Indian dishes on his […]

Education Minister Insists There Will Be No Lesbianism In West Bengal Schools

Teachers are rather infamous for accusing students of things they really haven’t done. It wasn’t us who dropped the pen. It wasn’t us who laughed when your back was turned. It wasn’t us who drew an impeccable moustache on your photo. But these are relatively harmless accusations that provoke reactions ranging from laughter to a […]

India Isn’t As Happy As Pakistan, Sri Lanka Or Nepal According To Happiness Index

Are you happy? Who knows right? It’s a question nobody is really prepared to answer unless they have a plate of biryani placed firmly in front of them, in which the case the answer is decidedly yes. But whether or not you have an answer, the World Happiness Index does, and it turns out that […]

These Letters Provide A Look Into The Fears And Reflections Of Albert Einstein

People like Albert Einstein can rarely afford the luxury of being thought of as people; especially after their deaths. Their achievements overshadow their humanity so thoroughly, that there are infinitely more people who know that E=MC squared than those who know anything remote about his personal life. Which is why the letters that were recently […]

8 Alphabets That Were Brutally Dumped By The English Language

Being broken up with almost always sucks. The feeling of no longer being relevant to someone you’ve been with for decades. Which is why we dedicate this write-up to the poor alphabets who have been left behind and forgotten by the English language without so much as a goodbye text. #1 Wynn Source The alphabet […]

10 Insane Confessions We Came Across On Whisper That Will Make You Go WTF!

If you haven’t already heard of it, Whisper is an app that describes itself as “the best place to discover secrets around you”. And it sure lives up to its promise. Thanks to the anonymity it offers, people from across the globe use the app to reveal their dirtiest secrets without, of course, actually getting […]

Indira Gandhi Got The Most Unexpected Tribute of All Time – From WWE

I’ll preface this by saying that I know very little about WWE. I can follow the premise of grown men and women beating the shit out of each other, but post that there’s a bit of a lag. But amongst all the musculature and dramatic yelling, there’s one thing that the WWE definitely doesn’t bring […]

Dear Shabana Azmi, Can We Please Talk About Your Recent Oscars Tweet?

The Oscars happened, and the deafening roar of nobody really giving a toot slipped by most of the world. Source Because while award shows do matter in the sense that they might introduce audiences to filmmakers they weren’t aware of before, people don’t really care as much about the winners. Now more than ever, we have […]

10 Of The Creepiest Psychopath Quotes Of All Time

Appearances can be exceptionally deceptive, as the psychopaths on this list do prove. But while their faces might not betray any hint of crazy, their words definitely do. This list of quotes is a chilling insight into what makes them tick; a true measure of their lethal minds, in their own words. 1. Ted Bundy […]

15 Of The Dumbest Possible Reasons People Got Brutally Dumped, As Told By Reddit

Breakups aren’t fun for anybody. Except for the producers of ice-cream and alcohol. But whether you’re the dumper or the dumped, there’s typically a good reason for ending a personal connection to someone special. Unless you’re one of these people, in which case any old excuse will do. So savour some of the biggest douchebags […]

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