15 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries That Are Too Good To Be True

Albert Einstien once said “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”, and we couldn’t agree more.   Source Books make this world a better place and libraries just ensure that these wonderful things are kept safe and are easily accessible to people. A place where thousands of books […]

A Quora Thread Explaining “Chak De Phatte” Is All You Need To Pick Up Your Planks Today

“Chak De Phatte” is a battle cry for anybody with a remote but not specific knowledge of the state of Punjab. Source So what exactly does the popular phrase mean? Literally, it’s not too glamorous. Simply meaning “pick up the planks”. Source Bad joke. But Quora has never been a platform to leave any stone […]

Funerals Done Right: 7 Intriguing Death Rituals And Traditions From Across The Globe

Warning: Graphic Content Funerals, at least the ones I’ve been to, are all pretty much the same. The mourners dress in black, pray at mass, shed tears during the eulogy and then follow the hearse to the graveyard where the (very expensive) casket is lowered into the ground. But across the globe, memorials and death […]

PornHub’s Traffic Before And After The Hawaiin Missile Scare Says Something Great About Humanity

PornHub, the one place you can go where nobody knows your name. Unless you’re one of the weirdos who makes comments under the videos. Source But the most entertaining thing about PornHub as a brand is shockingly not the attractive people having awesome sex, it’s how PornHub chooses to present itself. Cool, casual and truly […]

15 Mystical Quotes By Saadat Hassan Manto That Prove How He Was Way Ahead Of Time

Once in a while, someone with an uncanny talent to weave words into stardust that brings change. They create magic, putting the reader on a mystical journey that takes you places as you read through. We call them authors, poets, writers and what not. But only sometimes, does someone come along as Saadat Hassan Manto, a […]

Britain Appoints A ‘Minister For Loneliness’ Owing To 9 Million Lonely People In The Country

For Prime Minister Theresa May, the statistics of 9 million lonely old and young people is alarming enough to appoint a brand new minister in UK’s government. To make sure that the issue is dealt in the right way, Tracy Crouch has been appointed with a brand new position, Minister of Loneliness. According to research, […]

Why Are Students Being Discriminated In IIT Bombay On The Basis Of Food?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article belong to the author and not to DailySocial. Any offence caused by the article should be directed to the author’s inbox. She welcomes criticism (on weekdays). Social media has engaged in a furious debate as a hostel in IIT-Bombay has asked non-vegetarian students to not use ‘main plates’ […]

7 Royal Eligible Bachelors Of The World That Are More Than Enough A Reason To Get Married!

Hello girls! Aren’t we brought up by our fathers as princesses of his kingdom? Our shining tiaras might not be visible on our heads, but deep down we all are heirs to our kingdoms and somewhere looking for our prince charming. But let’s come to reality as we block the one man who showed a […]

Unhappy With The Dating Scene, A Woman Marries A Man Who’s Been Dead For 300 Years

Dating sucks. Source We know it, you know it, the guy sitting across from you as you’re reading this knows it. There are of course those fortunate assholes who find true love and end up happily ever after. But for the rest of us, it’s just one disappointment after another as we wait for the […]

10 Mind-Bending Inventions That Will Have You Reaching For Your Wallets In 2018

Humanity can sometimes be disappointing. Source But there’s nothing like good old-fashioned innovation and creativity that will make you appreciate just how far our species has come from living in caves. #1 Inflatable Shower Curtain Source Elisabeth Buecher’s inflatable shower curtain is designed to make you spend significantly less time in the shower. Designed to […]

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