7 Intriguing Death Rituals And Traditions From Across The Globe

Warning: Graphic Content Funerals, at least the ones I’ve been to, have all been pretty much the same. The mourners dress in black, pray at mass, shed tears during the eulogy and then follow the hearse to the graveyard where the (very expensive) casket is lowered into the ground. But across the globe, memorials and […]

Keeping Tabs On Terrorism: 4 Of The World’s Deadliest Militant Organizations

16 years ago, following the September 11 attack in New York, former POTUS George W. Bush declared the beginnings of a “Global War on Terrorism”. The war continues to this day. Between 2006 and 2016, 216,915 lives, a majority of them civilian, were claimed by terrorist organizations acting through armed attacks, bombings, and abductions. Here’s […]

The Devil’s In The Details: How Satan Is Portrayed Across 6 World Religions

The word “Satan” comes from ha-satan, a Hebrew word meaning “the accuser”, “opposer” and “the adversary”. For thousands of years, he has appeared as a dark counterpart to divine goodness, evolving over time into the different identities he has come to represent today. Here’s how he’s portrayed and perceived in 6 world religions. 1. Zoroastrianism […]

8 Indian Superstitious Beliefs And The Scientific Reasons Behind Them

The Indian culture has a long history and no matter what part of the country you stay in, we are all raised with certain superstitions that stay with us for a lifetime. They are usually passed on by the elders in the family and form a major chunk of our childhood and boy, don’t we […]

10 Musical Albums Whose Cover Art Sparked A Lot Of Controversy

A good album is best remembered for the timelessness of its songs. But some boast of album art that is as exceptional as the music. But where there’s art there’s controversy – which means there have been some music albums whose cover art pushed the envelope just a bit too far. #1 Diamond Dogs, David […]

5 Horrifying But Very Real Instances Of People Being Buried Alive

Believe it or not, there was once a time in history when people were being buried alive quite often. That would be around the same time doctors resorted to nipple pinching and poker shoving to determine death, but didn’t really take into account paralysis or coma. Now on the upside, medicine has evolved and become […]

7 Of Hollywood’s Best Dark Comedies For Your Evil Soul To Indulge In

It’s fair to assume that out of all the genres of film, comedy is the quickest to age. Humour has always been based on common understanding, which is why as society changes, it tends not to find the same things funny anymore. However, there are things a select bunch of us will always be tickled […]

Comic Artist Naolito Creates The Most Adorable “Before And Afters” Of All Time

Anyone who’s been on the internet long enough will agree, “before and after” is a format that’s been done to death. Witticisms and observations, bawdy humour and gorgeous illustrations – we’ve seen it all. But forgive us if these quirky ideas by Naolito have swayed our cold hearts and brought us a modicum of joy. […]

7 Little Life Lessons You Can Learn From Thanos In Infinity War

IF YOU’VE NOT WATCHED THE MOVIE GO AWAY. If you have you should know that Thanos is pretty awesome. Not just because of his strength and genocidal tendencies, but because he really knows how to be productive and achieve his goals without sacrificing his mental well being. How does he do it? To live your […]

A Portrait Of Madness: The Black Paintings Of Francisco Goya

Compared to the threat of wild animals and devastating diseases, the human psyche remains infinitely more terrifying. Because as devastating as nature can be, the cruelty that humanity often inflicts upon itself is far more perverse. But even in the vast history of human violence, there remains a quieter demon, the looming threat of an […]

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