16 Actor-Director Jodis In Indian Cinema That Changed The Course Of Film-making

Indian cinema has a history of some really great movie partnerships.

Dear Shabana Azmi, Can We Please Talk About Your Recent Oscars Tweet?

The Oscars happened, and the deafening roar of nobody really giving a toot slipped by most of the world. Source Because while award shows do matter in the sense that they might introduce audiences to filmmakers they weren’t aware of before, people don’t really care as much about the winners. Now more than ever, we have […]

8 Bollywood Movies That Could Easily Pass Off As Ads For Punjab Tourism

Aah Bollywood. Where logic is unnecessary, facts are frequently overlooked and the guy always gets the girl. As long as he’s in the land of sarson ke khet, that is. It’s really amazing how there’s always time, be it in the middle of a war or heartbreak, for one Punjabi song-and-dance sequence. And sometimes, there’s time […]

Celebrate Women’s Day With Women Cricketers Being Paid Way Less Than The Men

Hey, it’s Women’s Day. Another arbitrary excuse to buy a wallet because it’s 15% off. Yay. But no day is without its flaws, which is why it would be prudent to bring up the BCCI’s new pay structure. The one that deals with inflating player’s accounts based on a tier system. The change made this […]

Celebs And Fans Wish Irrfan Khan Well As He Tweets About A Possible Health Scare

Irrfan Khan remains one of the most prolific actors of his generation. Source The actor who rose to international fame with Mira Nair’s “The Namesake” soon took mainstream Bollywood by storm. Starring in commercial and critical hits like Piku, Maqbool, Haider and Hindi Medium. Going beyond how a Bollywood leading man is thought to look, […]

Mallika Dua Takes Down A Sketchy Instagram Troll In Her Unique Style

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliance that is Mallika Dua. Source In the burgeoning world that is Indian comedy, she’s managed to make a name for herself as a woman of wit and candor. Whether it was her iconic “Tinder Aunty” or her various appearances in videos by AIB and TVF’s Girlyapa, she’s […]

8 Prolific Horror Films That Get Even More Interesting When Watched A Second Time

A good horror movie makes you sit and contemplate the world around you. It also makes you go “AAAAAH!” But there are films good enough to make you go “AAAH” twice, without losing any of their effectiveness. whether its because the film’s scares prevented you from appreciating its nuances, the strong writing or just ‘coz. […]

10 Weird Facts About The Oscars That Deserve A Trophy Of Their Own

The Oscars happened. Now go back to your lives in peace. There’s nothing that really compares to the amalgamation of glamour, woke-ness, filmmaking and awkwardness than the Academy Awards. But now that the Oscars are over, we can look back on the ceremony’s past and reflect on the magic and drama that culminate into “Hollywood’s […]

10 Of The Biggest International Music Bands That Have Performed In India

While India has, for the most part, been obsessed with Bollywood music, the recent influx of music concerts and festivals in the country has given fans other genres a chance to come together and enjoy the music they love live and on stage. Here’s a lineup of the biggest international bands whom we can thank […]

10 Unintentionally Funny Comments You Will Only Find On Indian Actors’ Pictures

Bollywood actors lead a pretty charmed life right? Source They have money, gym memberships and get to eat at the kind of restaurants where food is served on tiny plates. But not everything about being a movie star is easy. There are moments where they must truly be questioning the world around them. Some of […]

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