7 Bollywood Celebs Who Lashed Out Against False And Hate Fuelled News About Themselves

The rumor mill that dedicatedly churns Bollywood for gossip has made false news a part of their jobs. After dealing with the incessant press surrounding their every action, it’s a miracle Bollywood actors get any work done. But sometimes false news goes a step too far, to the point where actors have to intercede and […]

This Pakistani Groom’s Epic Undertaker Entry Will Make Your Wedding Look Like Crap

Weddings get one of two reactions from people – “Aw” or “ew”.  As if it wasn’t bad enough spending two to four days surrounded by love, there’s more. From spending butt-tonnes of cash on itchy clothes you’re never going to wear again to a tiny parade whose theme seems to be people asking you when you’re planning […]

We Revised Padmaavat’s Iconic “Woh Rajput” Dialog For Accuracy In The Year 2018

We’ve heard the word “Padamaavat” way more than we needed to this year. Everyone and their poorly informed friend has a valid opinion about this film long enough to fill in 4 college essays. We’ve really had enough. We’ve had enough of people who insist the film is genius. We’ve had enough of people’s open […]

Now Malaysia To Ban Padmaavat Fearing The Film Might Hurt Muslim Sentiments

Padmaavat has come a long way. And after 300 cuts, one ‘i’ and a butt-load of unnecessary press coverage, it’s back for more. Source The film has had a hell of a time trying ot release in India for its controversial subject matter, artistic liberties and Ranveer Singh being too damn sexy as he plays […]

10 Of Bollywood’s Darkest Off-Beat Comedies To Bring Some Joy To Your Evil Soul

Between apathy and sarcastic disdain there lies an emotion called joy that isn’t too familiar to some of us. Not due to clinical depression of genuine obstacles, but because we’re dicks. Horrible human beings who aren’t too keen to jump in and laugh everytime a puppy does something remotely puppy-ish. But for us, there’s a […]

10 Hollywood Movies Other Than Inception You Should Watch Twice To Really Appreciate

Movies are made to be enjoyed. But some prefer to mess around with you before a final kick in the nuts. These are the films that are either complicated by nature that they’re not the easiest to understand. Or they have so much going on for them that they instantly need a second look before […]

Karni Sena Supporter Referred To A News Anchor As Baby And She Was In No Mood To Tolerate It

The big debate around Padmaavat has got people strung up for one major reason. In a country where real, working, flesh and blood women have to deal with everything from discrimination to outright assault and violence, why is everyone so strung up about the depiction of a fictional character. Source The Padmini we see in this […]

Is The House Of Dior Plagiarizing Indian Prints For Its Million Dollar Designs?

People Tree, a New Delhi-based design studio certainly thinks so. It all started when Elle magazine released its January 2018 issue about 3 weeks ago, featuring Fashionista Sonam Kapoor on the cover. As always, she looked ravishing in a red Christian Dior creation that had a distinctly desi touch to it. Designed by Maria Grazia […]

Village Of The Poet Whose Work Inspired Padmaavat Has Asked For A Share Of The Film’s Profits

Padmaavat has had one of the most controversial pre-release runs this country has ever seen. Source From the initial hype surrounding the film to the eventual bevvy of voices that stood against it, Padmaavat has made its journey to cinema halls at long last, and it still has a number of obstacles to overcome. From members […]

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