Headlines We Expect To See Now That Bhai Has Been Arrested

Unless you had better things to do today, you know all about Salman Khan being convicted of killing a blackbuck. We could bore you with the realistic details and the nuances of law in a country where celebrities are worshipped as 21st-century deities – but our statistics show you’re not too interested in something like […]

6 Times International Music Artists Tried To Be Desi And Failed Miserably

The Indian entertainment industry has long looked to the west for inspiration, and so it comes as no surprise that recently, the west has begun to look to the east. In matters of music, especially, many international artists have successfully managed to blend Indian influences into their own genres to create songs that are really […]

8 Inspiring Coming-Of-Age Hollywood Movies That Deserve A Sincere Indian Remake

There are movies you watch once and forget and then there are those you’ll always remember because they leave you with lessons for life. The inspiring Hollywood movies on this list are the latter sort, especially since they deal with problems that young adults like us face and can relate to. I can’t help but wish […]

Baahubali Villain Rana Daggubati All Set To Be A Part Of Marvel’s Upcoming Infinity War

Infinity War is all set to be the one film friends will never forgive you for missing out on. Source It brings together the best and brightest from all of Marvel’s best and some not-so-best characters to one screen. it’s rare that a film shouldn’t have to market itself aggressively but this one really doesn’t. […]

ब.द.स.म. – 10 Of The Dumbest Lines From 50 Shades Of Grey Translated To Hindi

50 Shades Of Grey was a horrible, horrible book. The movie was a terrible, terrible movie. But nothing on God’s good earth is absolutely pointless, there are a few things that make this novel worth a read. Like the god awful lines that it became very famous for. With such literary gems like “I must […]

Bhuvan Bam Sets Aside His YouTube Persona In This Interview With Anupama Chopra

He has opened up and showed us a different side of him from what we are used to seeing.

Remember Viva? Here’s What Happened To The Members Of India’s First Female Pop Band

“Hum naye geet sunaye, hum naye range sajaaye, Hum naye roop dikhaye tumhe” In the new millennium, there was a new show. It was called V Popstars- a reality on Channel V, to find the best female singing talent in the country. The five winners of that talent hunt formed India’s first ever all-female pop […]

8 Hollywood Movies Inspired By The Most Ruthless Serial Killers

While murder remains one of the most depraved acts a human being can commit against another, you have to admit, diving deep into the mind of a serial killer to see the madness behind it does offer a certain guilty thrill. As you sit safely on the other side of the screen, here are some […]

Can You Guess What’s Different About These Film Sets Of Famous Movies?

Movies are but beautiful lies we don’t mind believing. They tell us stories so different and so very similar to our own and weave a spell so magical, as viewers we can’t help but be entranced. Of course, part of this magic is the places they take us to. Though sometimes, they’re not actual places […]

Indira Gandhi Got The Most Unexpected Tribute of All Time – From WWE

I’ll preface this by saying that I know very little about WWE. I can follow the premise of grown men and women beating the shit out of each other, but post that there’s a bit of a lag. But amongst all the musculature and dramatic yelling, there’s one thing that the WWE definitely doesn’t bring […]

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