Can’t Seem To Do Your Morning Business? Enjoy A Refreshing Sip Of Laxative Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is very much the world’s preferred form of induced diabetes.


Since it was founded back in 1886, the company and its infamous product have taken over the world. From countless endorsements to downright sponsoring the Olympics, the brand is well known for its brown sugary drink.

But it turns out, it might just end up associated with another infamously brown substance.


That terrifying looking concoction is known as Coca Cola Plus. A “healthy cola” primarily sold in Japan. And it has some amazing properties. In fact, its received a gold label from the government denoting its properties as a health drink.

But the soda has one amazing ingredient that makes it extra special.


And what does dextrin do? It makes you poo.

So that means the next time you drink this hopefully delicious beverage you could be spewing out just as much brown liquid as you’ve been pumping in.

Tired and drank too much coca cola? Diarrhoea.
Mixed a little extra coke with your Old Monk? Diarrhoea
Drank an entire gallon at the movies? So much diarrhoea.

Thankfully the soda’s weird colouring makes it impossible to miss what you’re drinking and the Japanese are famous for their restraint.

But there would be truly nothing more amusing than coke killing you. With your own poo used as a terrible terrible weapon.

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