Karnataka Cab Driver Gets Fined For Not Wearing A Helmet While Driving!

Just when you thought that things around you couldn’t get weirder, this news of a cab driver being fined for not wearing a helmet will prove you wrong. Yes, you heard that right! A cab driver got fined, for not wearing a helmet while he was driving a car.


We all know that wearing a helmet is compulsory but when you’re riding a two-wheeler not while driving a car but this traffic policeman in Karnataka has different opinions about it. Naveen, a cab driver in Hubballi was driving back to the city from Gokul road when the cop stopped him at about 10:00 pm.

The cop asked for Naveen’s documents and despite having everything in place, fined Naveen with 100 rupees for not wearing a helmet. YES, FOR NOT WEARING A HELMET! 

When Naveen questioned the cop, the cop started abusing him and misbehaved with him. He asked Naveen to pay rupees 500 and when he denied paying this amount, the cop settled down to 100 rupees.

Previous cases of drivers being fined for not wearing a helmet have taken place due to fault in CCTV cameras but this is definitely the first one where a cop who can see the driver in a car fined him for not wearing a helmet!

What do you think of this bizarre incident? Let us know your views in the comment section!

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