This Burglar ‘Likes’ Posts About Your Vacations On FB Before Looting Your House

What is the most annoying thing you find on Facebook?

Pre-wedding shoots? Nope. They’re hilarious tho…


It has to be the albums put up by the wanderlust types detailing their journey which almost nobody cares about, unless you’re a girl.

Well we finally have a guy who was interested in all your vacation pictures and it was for a sinister reason. This burglar used Facebook to scout for targets who’d have empty homes to loot.

A man from Hyderabad, who was excited about a family vacation in Malaysia and posted the family’s trip details on Facebook, including that their house was locked, returned to find the home burgled.

According to police, one of the followers of the man on the social networking site, who had in fact even put a ‘like’ for the post, had made good of the family’s absence and broke into the house and decamped with 54 tolas of gold jewellery.


However, the Facebook burglar landed behind bars when he tried to sell the stolen ornaments. After committing the theft, he approached a jeweller in the city in an attempt to sell the jewellery.

The jeweller grew suspicious when he could not give a convincing reply as to from where he had got the ornaments.

The jeweller alerted the police, who came to the shop and detained the person. On being grilled, he admitted that he had stolen the ornaments from a house after coming to know from Facebook that the family had gone on a vacation.

But let’s be honest, you didn’t click on this link for the information. It was just for you to tag your friends in the comments and tell them not to pester you with their vacation pictures.

So, please. Go on and do it.

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